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How much will GameStop pay for your retro SEGA games?

How_much_will GameStop_pay_for your_retro_SEGA_games_banner

So, you want to know how much GameStop will give you for you retro SEGA stuff, huh? I’ve got you covered, nerds! As many of you know, on April 24 GameStop launched a pilot program in select markets to begin buying back retro consoles and games. I’m sure many people are out there wondering how much GameStop will give us ...

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SEGA releases first 3D Streets of Rage 2 footage


SEGA just announced that it will be bringing several iconic Genesis games to the line of 3D Classics on Nintendo’s 3DS, and it has now released the first trailer for the first game to arrive. 3D Streets of Rage 2 will release in July and will feature two-player, local co-op, so long as both players have a copy of the ...

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Hyperdimension Neptunia VS SEGA Hard Girls will spawn a new character

Hyperdimension Neptunia vs SEGA Hard Girls new character

In the latest Dengeki Playstation this week, an interview with Hyperdimension Neptunia VS SEGA Hard Girls game producers has been published. It was revealed that this crossover will spawn a new character that both universes will share, the character’s name will be Hatsumi SEGA, and will have an “S” ponytail. Along with that the following was revealed too (with translation via ...

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Meet the cast for Puyo Puyo On Stage!

Puyo Puyo On Stage

SEGA is celebrating Puyo Puyo’s 24th Anniversary as a franchise, so one of the recent activities for that will be a stage play to be held from May 2nd though 6th on Japan. The actors for such play have been revealed and presented in costumes: Ito Risako as Arle Nadja Kato Rihona as Amitie Yui Kawamura as Ringo Amatorīra as Satan ...

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SEGA announces Total War: WARHAMMER


While it wasn’t the best of kept secrets, SEGA has finally announced Creative Assembly’s latest project – Total War: WARHAMMER for PC, Mac and Steam. No release date has been set, but it will be released “soon.” “Total War: WARHAMMER will take the series to a realm of grand high fantasy for the very first time in its history. Our ...

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SEGA Nerdcast: Episode 84 (Welcome to the Fantasy Zone, in 3D!)


Chris makes an unlikely discovery while house hunting, and Blake is a total creepo at a comic book signing. In this week’s show, we discuss: Blake gives his thoughts on 3D Fantasy Zone II SEGA announces new Genesis games added to 3D Classics Project X Zone 2 announced with new SEGA characters SEGA has yet to register for E3. Should they even ...

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SEGA is interested in a home port for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade


In a recent survey by the Hatsune Miku publisher, the company asks to “…tell us which us the number one platform on which you would like to play Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade.” The options that the developers provide you with include PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC and “not applicable”. Following this question, they ask you your 2nd ...

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Review: 3D Fantasy Zone II: the Tears of Opa-Opa


Opa-Opa has once again taken flight in 3D Fantasy Zone II: the Tears of Opa-Opa, which finally hit the Nintendo 3DS eShop last week. As part of M2's highly-regarded line of SEGA 3D Classics, 3D Fantasy Zone II was rebuilt from the ground up, including unlockable options, extra modes, and… Review: 3D Fantasy Zone II: the Tears of Opa-Opa Review: ...

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SEGA might not have a booth at E3


If you were hoping for big things from SEGA at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, you might be sorely disappointed. It appears the company hasn’t registered a booth for the show, meaning this could be one of the first times in years SEGA doesn’t have a booth at the industry’s largest annual media event. Atlus, however, is listed as a registered ...

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Community Art of the Month: April

SEGA Community Art of the Month: April

Welcome to our monthly Community Art of the Month series in which we gather the amazing SEGA related art the community has been doing around the web! There’s a lot of SEGA love between illustrators and artists, and we love to spread what they are doing! Remember to send to us your work or the one you find via our social networks (Twitter, Facebook, ...

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A TV spot for the ‘Yakuza’ stage play has been released


Earlier this week we were treated to a glimpse at the actors portraying the Yakuza characters in full costume. Today, SEGA has released a TV spot for the upcoming stage play, featuring the main characters from the Yakuza series. In addition to the TV spot a new batch of photographs have been released, revealing the rest of the cast. The ...

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Konami’s ‘Snatcher’ has been ported to the Virtual Boy


Longtime fans of Hideo Kojima’s work would consider Snatcher to be one of his best creations. Originally made for Japanese home computers before being released on the SEGA-CD and SEGA Saturn, the immersive cyberpunk thriller was universally praised for its fantastic storyline. A group of fans from the Planet Virtual Boy forums have ported Konami’s classic to the Nintendo Virtual ...

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Face Off: Should SEGA make its own Smash Bros. style brawler?


[Editor’s note: In the Face Off, the gloves come off, and we battle it out over controversial or long-debated SEGA topics. A word of caution, things may get testy, and some feelings will probably be hurt along the way. Once it’s done, voice your opinion in the comments and tell us who you think won the debate!] Round 1: FIGHT Chris: ...

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Get Virtua Tennis Challenge on Android free today from Amazon


Still haven’t picked up SEGA’s Virtua Tennis Challenge on Android yet? Don’t worry because Amazon is giving the game away for free today as part of its Free App of the Day bundle. Regularly priced at $4.99, you can get Virtua Tennis Challenge, along with several other notable games, like Plants vs. Zombies, F18 Carrier Landing 2 Pro, Prince of ...

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Yuji Naka’s StreetPass Fishing game is now available


Nintendo 3DS #StreetPass Mii Plaza has New content “StreetPass Fishing”(developed by PROPE) available!  … http://t.co/66LTcCdVuf — Yuji Naka / 中 裕司 (@nakayuji) April 16, 2015     Legendary Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka has released a brand new game for the StreetPass Mii Plaza. In StreetPass Fishing, your Mii can receive different kinds of bait based on the Mii character’s shirt ...

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