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Yu Suzuki gives us an update on Shenmue III’s progress


It has been a while since your last update from Suzuki-san, but he is back to give us some more news regarding Shenmue III’s progress. When it comes to the composition stage of the game, Suzuki-san says he had to restructure the story to fit with Shenmue III’s scope. “Shenmue III is based on the 11 chapters created 17 years ...

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SEGA Japan announces New Project Diva X for PS4 and PS Vita


SEGA Games Japan announced today a new Hatsune Miku rhythm game titled “Project Diva X” will arrive to PS4 on Autumn 2016 and PS Vita on March next year. The game celebrates the SEGA feat Hatsune Miku 8th anniversary and a demo will be available for the vocaloid’s “Magical Future 2015” festival in Japan. SEGA has launched a special site ...

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UNBOXING: Selvaria Bles figure by Vertex


Selvaria Bles is by far the most popular character from SEGA‘s RPG game, Valkyria Chronicles (available as PC port on Steam! Do yourself a favor and get it in case you still have not played it yet!), so it’s no wonder she gets figure releases constantly. Artist Raita Honjou made such a fine job while designing her for the game, he ...

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UNBOXING: Blade Arcus from Shining : Won Pairon figure

Won Pairon Alphamax figure

As you already know, SEGA Japan released last year a fighting arcade game which includes Shining series characters in its roster called Blade Arcus from Shining. Some of us got sad not being able to play it at the time, but fortunately the game is finally arriving to consoles with an EX version this November, PS3 & PS4 don’t have region lock ...

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UNBOXING: Sakura Shinguji Nendoroid

Sakura Shinguji Nendoroid

The following unboxing is for a figure released long time ago, but since the the good guys at AmiAmi had a special sale months ago in which I got this figure for USD $10, I decided to unbox it for the sake of it. Because of reasons… 😛 Anyway, we have the standard Nendo box with blister, all parts are tiny ...

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UNBOXING: Chain Chronicle Aludra Figure

Chain Chronicle Aludra figure by Alphamax

Chain Chronicle is a very popular SEGA Networks RPG game in Japan for mobile devices and PS Vita, it has arrived on our western territories recently on iOS and Android via publishing by Gumi. The game is pretty fun and simple to understand, so I have been enjoying it a lot! Inside the game you get cards with characters that assist you ...

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COSPA announces massive SEGA merch lineup & preorders

cospa x sega

TGS 2015 is around the corner, and SEGA has been taking seriously its commitment to appeal again to its fans (well, at least its Japanese and European branches in the last months, while SoA is still SoA but trying of some sort…) with what appears to be a creative renaissance. A key player in this strategy and profit earning is licensing, ...

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Compile Heart releases new info and screens for Neptunia vs SEGA Hard Girls game

Neptunia VS SEGA Hard Girls

Tokyo Game Show 2015 is just around the corner (Sept 17th), while SEGA & Nagoshi (Yakuza series, Binary Domain, Planet Harriers, etc.) are promising a show like no other with incredible reveals for this edition, in the meantime we are getting tease announcements prior to the show. Compile Heart has finally announced November 26th as a release date for the Neptunia vs SEGA ...

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Is Universal Pictures acquiring rights for a Golden Axe movie?

Golden Axe Movie?

Accoring to Heroic Hollywood site, rumors are going about Universal Pictures in talks with Tokyo based Stories International (a joint subsidiary between SEGA and Hakuhodo DY Group), which we reported earlier acquired SEGA’s IP library rights to adapt into movies, cartoons, and TV shows, to produce a Golden Axe Live Action Movie. According to the site, talks occurred during this summer, with Universal Pictures ...

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Persona 4: Dancing All Night releases Nov. 6 in Europe


NIS America has announced it will publish Atlus’ Persona 4: Dancing All Night in Europe with a release date of Nov. 6 on the PlayStation Vita. Atlus will publish the game in North America, where it will release Sept. 29. The game will come in both a regular and digital version, as well as a “Disco Fever” edition. The “Disco Fever” ...

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You can play as Sonic in Super Mario Maker

Image from RealSonicFan

If you were reading this 20 years ago, you would have never imagined to see Sonic the Hedgehog in a Super Mario game. Various images surfaced the other day on the Miiverse that includes Sonic the Hedgehog climbing the top of the flag pole in Super Mario Maker. Since the game supports over 73 Amiibo, each Amiibo unlocks its own ...

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3D Gunstar Heroes releases today on 3DS eShop


SEGA and M2 are gearing up to release their latest entry in the 3D Classics series today with 3D Gunstar Heroes hitting the Nintendo 3DS eShop. 3D Gunstar Heroes marks the 15th game in the series, with 3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 being the last announced game, which is set to release around this time in September. Surprisingly enough, this ...

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Why you should avoid AtGames’ licensed Mega Drive clones


As I’ve said many times, both here on SEGA Nerds and elsewhere, these days SEGA are among the most committed purveyors of 16-bit nostalgia. Not only are classic Mega Drive games available on every conceivable format, but officially sanctioned rehashes of the legendary console itself have also been doing the rounds for a while now. But, as great as many ...

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Grandia II: Anniversary Edition is launching August 24 on PC


More amazing news is heading your way, fellow gamers. According to publisher GungHo Online Entertainment America, the remastered PC port of Grandia II is coming August 24! Grandia II: Anniversary Edition will be available for download on Steam and . CEO of Game Arts and GungHo Kazuki Morsishita was excited to announce the game’s release, after the unanimous support ...

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