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SEGA, Atlus officially making games for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo finally unwrapped the Nintendo Switch today in spectacular fashion, and it has all us at SEGA Nerds’ HQ giddy with excitement. However, perhaps more exciting for us is that Nintendo shared an image on social media that listed all the publishers that have signed on to develop games for the Switch. While it might not be that surprising, it’s …

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Dreamcast game Alice Dreams Tournament’s development is finished

Last year, we reported on an awesome Kickstarter for a brand new Dreamcast game. Titled Alice Dreams Tournament, this game is essentially a Bomberman-inspired action-puzzle game designed by French developers Julien Desquenne (aka Patbier) and Nicolas Pochet (aka Poche) with musical contributions by Philippe Vendi. In their latest Kickstarter update, they announced that the development for the game has finally been …

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SEGA Genesis’ Vixen 357, a Japan-only release, gets an English translation

What happens when the Earth gets into war with aliens and create robots that help avoid total annihilation? You get Vixen 357, which is a turn-based strategy RPG. Unfortunately, Vixen 357 never got released outside of Japan…until now. Earlier this month, celcion from ROMhacking.net released an English translation of Vixen 357, which is fully playable right now! You can click here to download …

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ESRB rates Persona 5 ‘Mature’ for blood, partial nudity, more

Although SEGA/Atlus came under criticism earlier this year for apparently censoring Persona 5’s boxart, we’ve learned the game itself will be very mature. So mature, in fact, that it’s been giving a Mature rating by the ESRB, according to a recently updated Persona 5 sale’s sheet (* link opens a PDF). Persona 5 is rated M for these reasons: Blood Drug Reference …

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Wonder Boy Returns arcade port releases on Steam

Back in the mid ’80s, SEGA brought over the arcade hit Wonder Boy to the Master System, which featured more content, such as the inclusion of two new areas. According to many video game magazines at the time, such as Computer and Video Games, it was beautiful bright colorful and had simple yet addictive gameplay. The addition of new content …

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The Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition is coming to Europe

Last month, SEGA announced a fantastic Collector’s Edition for Sonic Mania that included some real awesome goodies. At the time of the announcement, SEGA stated that it was only for North America. Today, SEGA announced that the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition is heading to Europe too! The Collector’s Edition includes: Deluxe “SEGA Genesis” style Collector’s Box 12″ Classic Sonic Statue …

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Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, and Big will appear in LEGO Dimensions

Okay, let’s get this party started. Save the date: November 18th, 2016. #LEGODimensions #GottaGoFast pic.twitter.com/a7updkhKUg — LEGO Dimensions (@LEGODimensions) October 16, 2016 Back in the Summer (of Sonic!), LEGO and SEGA announced that Sonic the Hedgehog would be featured in the next wave of LEGO Dimensions Figures. Earlier today, LEGO Dimensions’ official Twitter account tweeted out an image of Sonic …

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Persona 4 Arena’s director wants to make Persona 5 Arena

Persona 4 Arena was met with universal praise, so it’s no surprise that a sequel could be in the works. According to Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax director Kazuhisa Wada, a Persona 5 fighting game is something he would love to do. “Regarding a ‘Persona 5 Arena,’ because we honestly put all of our efforts into Persona 5, that’s …

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Here’s the latest info on Yakuza 6’s baseball team management, news spots, and more

With Yakuza 6 getting released in the not-too-distant future, we’ve got some brand new information about Yakuza 6, courtesy of Gematsu. The latest update from SEGA’s website includes new info on spots like baseball and more. ■ Grass-lot Baseball Become the Captain and Grow Your Team After a strange turn of events, Kiryu is appointed as captain of the Onomichi …

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Last two secret games announced for 3D Archives 3 FINAL STAGE

As you all know, the mystery of the final two games in the SEGA 3D Archives 3 FINAL STAGE  collection has been a long one.  First Turbo OutRun and ThunderForce III were announced,  and then a little bit of speculation went around trying to figure out what the last two bonus games would be added to this packaging of SEGA 3D Classics titles.  Some said Alien Storm, …

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A Persona 5-themed cafe is opening this Friday in Japan

Persona 5 has already been out for about a month in Japan and the craze has not died down. Pasela Resorts and ATLUS have combined their efforts to open a Persona 5-themed cafe that is opening this Friday in Japan. The menu includes an assortment of Persona 5-themed foods, including Leblanc Special Curry, Aresene Strawberry Coke, Captain Kidd Passion Blue, and Palace Honey …

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Persona is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special event on December 8th

Persona has been delivering consistent quality games and memorable characters for the past 20 years. To celebrate the occasion, the Persona series will have an event on December 8th that will feature numerous festivities. According to the website, there will be numerous rooms and booths that will be designed to reflect past Persona games. Each area will offer a different …

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A new FPS called ‘In the Line of Fire’ is coming to Dreamcast

Even though the Dreamcast’s lifespan officially ended around 2001, our favorite console has been delivering great games thanks to the dedicated fanbase and talented indie developers. A couple of months back, The Dreamcast Junkyard reported on a unnamed FPS game that was in development for the Dreamcast. In a recent update, the indie developers that were working on this unnamed …

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