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Valkyria Azure Revolution demo

Check out the new Valkyria Azure Revolution info and screens

SEGA Games Japan has released new information for its new entry in the Valkyria Chonicles series, Valkyria Azure Revolution. A new demo (Battle 2.0) will be available on the Japanese PSN this Summer 2016. The series has new character designers, Hiroshi Kiyohara and Takayama Toshiaki (character designer for previous titles was Raita Honjou). Aside form that SGJ released information on more …

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Shining Soul on Wii U Virtual Console

SEGA to relase Shining Soul on Wii U’s Virtual Console in Japan

SEGA Games Japan is releasing more of its Game Boy Advance titles on the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console, this time Shining Soul (the first of 2 games on this Shining series titles) is getting released for digital download on February 17th, 2016 for 702 yen. Original version Release Date: March 28, 2002 Publisher: Sega Games Genre: RPG “Shining Soul” …

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SEGA 3D Classics Collection includes retro decal set

There seems to be a decent amount of hype for the SEGA 3D Classics Collection coming out on April 26, and considering it includes a few 3D classics haven’t been released to the US yet, there’s good reason for our fellow SEGA Nerds to be excited. One cool thing about the Japanese 3D Archives was that it came with small posters and artwork from the …

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Rez and Space Channel 5 dev’s puzzle RPG is coming to the west

Testuya Mizuguchi, the man who helped create Space Channel 5 and Rez, has a brand new puzzle RPG that is heading to the west. The project was announced back in 2014, where developer Mobcast described the project as a  “mysterious puzzle game” (direct translation) that will blend a story line, puzzle mechanics, and battle RPG elements. Using Mizuguchi’s background and star …

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Total War: ATTILA – Slavic Nations Pack comes out on February 25th

Total War: ATTILA is getting a new batch of DLC, and it’s coming sooner than you think. According to the latest trailer from Creative Assembly, Total War: ATTILA‘s Slavic Nations Pack will be released on February 25th. The Slavic Nations pack will bring three new factions to the game, and they are the Anteans, Sclavenians and Venedians. All three factions …

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You can now download the Hideki Naganuma dictionary for Typing of the Dead Overkill

  Hideki Naganuma dictionary for The Typing Of The Dead OVERKILL is on Steam by Matthew Jonas — HIDEKI NAGANUMA|長沼英樹 (@Hideki_Naganuma) February 9, 2016 Fans of Typing of the Dead Overkill will be happy to know that a dictionary featuring all sorts of words relating to Hideki Naganuma’s musical career is now available for download on Steam. Song …

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Valkyria Azure Revolution demo

Check out the Valkyria Azure Revolution demo gameplay

SEGA Games Japan has released today its Valkyria Chronicles Remaster on PS4 in Japan, along the release came the demo for the next entry in the Valkyria Chronicles series, “Valkyria Azure Revolution“. YouTube user, The Bilinguist, has uploaded a playthrough this demo (watch it above), and the first thing we can notice is that the game has changed drastically its …

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Yu Suzuki thinks Space Harrier VR would be a fun game

Yu Suzuki recently spoke with the Shenmue Ambasassdor about a range of Shenmue-related topics, but perhaps the most intriguing piece that came out of the interview didn’t have anything to do with Shenmue at all. Asked which of his favorite classic games he’d like to remake, Suzuki responded with “Space Harrier in (virtual reality) would make for a very fun …

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Sonic Boom: The Sidekick now available on DVD, iTunes in UK

SEGA Europe announced earlier today that the first volume of the Sonic Boom animated TV show is now available on DVD and streaming on iTunes in the UK. Titled Sonic Boom Vol. 1: The Sidekick, the first volume includes one disc that includes the first 13 episodes of the series, with each episode clocking in at 11 minutes and 38 …

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SEGA Wonfes 2016 Winter lineup

Complete WONFES 2016 WINTER – SEGA Figure Lineup

February 7, 2016. Makuhari Messe, Chiba Japan. Licensed SEGA partners unveiled a huge figure lineup on the Wonfes 2016 Winter (a hobby model kits and toy figure event by Kaiyodo where Japanese Manufacturers unveil their upcoming lineups per season) event this Sunday in Japan. SEGA Games and SEGA Interactive have been very efficient in terms of merchandising licensing during the …

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SEGA considers Sonic Runners to be a financial “Failure”

Sonic Runners was released worldwide last June to mixed reviews, where certain critics praised the game for its core gameplay, while others criticized Runners for its numerous glitches and the plethora of advertisements and in-game transactions.  According to a report from SEGA Sammy, Sonic Runners is considered to be a failure. You can take a look at the graphic below …

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