From Sonic to Slots: The Evolution of Gaming Icons in Casino Games

It’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that slots have been around since the 19th century. However, it has come a long way, and as technology advances, so do the gaming icons. There was a time when you had to pull a lever and get your rewards from the bar. 

Now, that’s a thing of the past. You can now play video slots at top betting sites like Betway. Let us look at the evolution of gaming icons in casino games.

Gaming Icons During the 19th Century

The gaming icons in the 1800s did not look how they do now. We can thank the advancement of technology because, with its help, betting sites can assimilate more complex animated icons to casino games and, in turn, ensure exciting gameplay. But where did it all start?

Charles Fey invented the first slot machine in the late 1800s, and for you to win a prize, you had to match five icons across the reels. Card suits mixture were the first icons to appear on the machine. They included:

  • Spade
  • Heart
  • Diamond 
  • Bell 
  • Horseshoe 

Lining up three bells meant you had won the jackpot. Technology advanced, and so did the machines and icons (fruit icons). 

Fruit Icons

More people grew an interest in playing slots. However, laws were enacted to prohibit slot gaming due to ethical issues. This made the developers devise a clever plan for a casino slot machine whose theme was fruits. 

Most people thought it was a chewing gum dispenser, which is how the fruit icons came about. Fruit icons included:

  • Grapes 
  • Cherries 
  • Lemons

Classic slots, including the number 7, bells, and fruits, were introduced later. Bell fruit gum symbol and classic bell icons joined the fruity icons. Bar icons later evolved, and we can still see them in many virtual games.

Video Slots

Technology continued advancing, and in 1970, there was a significant breakthrough. Paylines and the number of reels increased, and more themes were developed. New and exciting themes that introduce narrative elements and visual appeal include:

  • Wild West (symbols include dynamite, a pistol, bottles of bourbon, sheriff’s badge, and cowboy boots) 
  • Ancient Egypt (It has mysterious pyramids, mummies, and jeweled symbols) 

The 21st century (the digital age) brought about even more advancements in online gambling casinos. There was the introduction of better and more slot themes. The advancement of technology also facilitated better sound effects, animations, and exciting graphics. This is how pop culture made its way into gaming icons. Franchises that were integrated by gaming icons in casino games are:

  • The Dark Knight
  • Jurassic Park
  • Game of Thrones

Another development that casino lovers love and appreciate is the inclusion of video game elements in slots. Today, when you play slots at your favorite casino, like Betway, you can participate in quests and achieve more than just spinning the reels. It is a big win for those who want an interactive casino experience.  

Final Thoughts

The evolution of gaming icons has come a long way, from pulling down a lever and getting rewards from the bar to the inclusion of video games in slots. Technology has played an enormous role in this evolution. As technology advances, the games and the gaming icons advance.

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