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SEGA Nerdcast: The Originals

Were you an avid SEGA Nerds reader a long time ago and enjoyed the SEGA Nerdcast? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve found nearly all of our original podcasts and will keep them here so you can go back and listen to them anytime you like.

Included with each episode, is the original podcast image as well as the post description in its original form.

Unfortunately, we don’t have them all, but if you happen to have our missing shows stored somewhere, we’d be very appreciative if you sent them to us at seganerds@gmail.com.

Sega Nerdcast 1: The Beginning

old nerdcast 1Yeah, that’s right, now all you Sega Nerds have your very own podcast, ingeniously dubbed the Sega Nerdcast. Some companies pay millions for such creativity as that. Now you can get your Sega Nerds fix while on the go … and be bored to death by our ramblings at the same time!

In the Sega Nerdcast, we’ll touch on Sega news throughout the week, interview the beautiful people in the Sega community, review games and chat about life in general. Oh yeah, we’ll also eventually reveal the secrets of the Mayans, so be sure to keep listening!

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Sega Nerdcast 2: The Captain is Here

old nerdcast 2First off, I want to issue an apology to our listeners. We said we’d release a new Sega Nerdcast every Monday, but we had some technical hiccups this week that had to make us postpone our recording. I am sorry, it’s completely Graham’s fault, and it will probably happen again … many times.

But you know the ol’ saying – better late than never, right? I’d like to think the the Nerdcast is like a fine wine, the longer we let it sit, the smoother and sweeter it gets.

In this week’s Nerdcast, Chris interviews the Captain S crew (the sound gets a tad choppy in a few parts, sorry!), we reveal details on a new Sega Racing Studio rumor, we chat about Sega’s hilarious poll and we give away our very own copy of Sonic and the Secret Rings! So don’t be a douche … check it out!

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Sega Nerdcast 3: A NiGHT Shall Rise

Exif-JPEG-422Alas, it’s that time of the week – time for the Nerdcast! This week, we’ve finally managed to get Nathan on the show, Graham talks about nearly getting the “axe” at work and oh yeah … we talk about Sega and video games!

This is a can’t-miss episode for sure. I want to apologize ahead of time; it seems Nathan’s a giant ogre who likes to punch his keyboard during the recording of the Nerdcast. You can rest assurred that he’s received his ample supply of floggings and beatdowns, however.

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Sega Nerdcast 4: Return of the Fanboys

old nerdcast 4Wow, is it really time for the Sega Nerdcast again? Why, I guess it is! Graham and I have a really great show for all you Sega Nerds this week. We’ve cut off Nathan’s bear hands, so he won’t be joining us this week. But look on the bright side, at least you won’t have to bother with him typing in your ear anymore!

In this week’s episode, Graham and I reveal some new and juicy Wii NiGHTS rumors that you probably haven’t heard anywhere else yet, we talk about our Alien Syndrome PSP vs. Wii controversy, we unveil our Sega PC contest winner, and much, much more.

If things get a bit weird this week, I apologize; I may have had a bit too much to drink during the course of the Nerdcast, and I steadily got drunker.

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Sega Nerdcast 5: The Evolution

old nerdcast 5Wow, has it really been nearly 20 days since the last Nerdcast? Geez. Well, I do want to apologize to our one or two faithful listeners. We promise to be on time from here on out.

However, we haven’t been sitting around doing nothing during the downtime. Oh no sir, we’ve added some really cool new features like The Flashback, where we play and talk about an old-school Sega game voted on by our readers, and The Nerd Wars, where we debate a controversial topic surrounding Sega or the video game industry in general.

I kid you not, this is the best Nerdcast yet. If you haven’t listened to one yet, I highly suggest you check this one out and go back and listen to the rest. You’ll be a better person for it. And if you aren’t fully satisfied with it, we’ll refund your full amount plus shipping and handling! What a deal, right?

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Sega Nerdcast 7: Naka Damn It!

old nerdcast 7Ya know what’s the great thing about covering SEGA? Even when it’s a slow news week, you can always rest assured the SEGA fanbase will be right there to offer you up something juicy, and this week it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Somehow, after we managed to quit laughing at poor baby Yujinaka, we were able to record this week’s Nerdcast. I must say from a unbiased, unabashed and totally impartial perspective, this week’s episode may very well be the best one yet. And ya know what’s the real surprise? I only had one Crown and Coke during the making of this episode. However, three small midgets were killed during the recording – a small price to pay for the awesomeness that is the Sega Nerdcast, though.

In this week’s Nerdcast, we introduce two brand new features – The Water Cooler and The Quiz. I won’t spoil them for you, but I do think everyone will enjoy them quite a bit. As always, please leave us feedback, because that’s how we get better and we love hearing everyone tell us how much we suck. Seriously, we do.

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Sega Nerdcast 8: Wiping While Standing Up

old nerdcast 8After a nearly three-week hiatus, the SEGA Nerdcast is back in full force with our very own theme song courtesy of Glenn Case. I must say, it’s a pretty catchy tune, and I’ve found myself humming it to myself during the day.

In this week’s Nerdcast, we talk about the exciting news from SEGA Gamer’s Day, the Captain S finale and the Small Japanese Soldier kidnapped SEGA developer. Since you guys picked Streets of Rage for the Flashback, we played it feverishly, and we bring you our thoughts on this SEGA classic. And Graham asks some of the hardest-damn questions during the Fact or Fiction segment.

All in all, I think it’s a pretty great show, and I think you guys will enjoy. Take a listen, and let us know what ya think!

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Sega Nerdcast 9: Cruphed to Death

old nerdcast 9Graham and I have finally put down Crush long enough to record another Nerdcast. Weighing in at a hefty 1 hour and 34 minutes, this week’s Nerdcast is chock full of Sega goodness, and we’re giving away two copies of Crush and a copy of Condemned: Criminal Origins, so be sure to listen to the show to find out how to win.

In this week’s show, we discuss the greatness that is Crush, if Sega should port it to multiple consoles and if Sega has dropped the ball in properly publicizing the puzzler. We also chat about Scott Steinberg’s comments about the Nintendo Wii, last week’s Genesis Virtual Console games and Sonic’s upcoming birthday.

Nathan wasn’t able to make this week’s recording, so you’re stuck with just Graham and myself, but I’m sure the ladies won’t mind listening to our sexy voices!

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Sega Nerdcast 10: Now You’re Touching With Power

old nerdcast 10You all better like this Nerdcast because it’s been the biggest pain in my ass yet – six hours of preparing and recording and nearly two days of editing. Damn!

However, to make it even better for you, we’re giving away another copy of Crush since no one other than Silverslug decided to enter last week’s contest. But to show him our appreciation, we’re sending him a copy anyway. Thanks again, Silverslug.

In our 10th Nerdcast, we continue to tweak and change the format to give all our listeners an even better product. This week, we introduce a few more segments – The Good, The Bad and The Other Thing (TGTBATOT) and Name That Tune. In TGTBATOT, we get to talk about things throughout the industry that are good, bad and somewhere in between.

Also, be sure to listen to this one because we cover a lot of interesting topics such as the Sonic RPG, The Quiz, Graham’s obsession with Oblivion and Nathan’s lack of a social life. It definitely has something for everybody.

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Sega Nerdcast 11: The Long Awaited Return

old nerdcast 11Holy crap, we’re back in action! But I gotta say, our time off has apparently done us good, because I honestly think this is the best show yet. Another Sega Nerdcast  featuring your favorite Sega Nerds editors chatting about the most recent Sega happenings, which I’m sure you’re all dying to hear.

In this week’s episode, Nathan goes into detail about his trip to the Petroglyph studios where Sega Nerds was one of only a handful of sites from the United States to get invited, Graham talks about his HD discovery and I give some earth-shattering news that will shake the foundations of life as we now know it.

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Sega Nerdcast 13: How Bizarre!

old nerdcast 13Holy crap! We’ve actually completed a couple Sega Nerdcasts now in less than two months! We’re on some kinda roll right now. Despite a few audio issues with my mic, this is probably one of our better shows to date; that’s probably why it’s also the longest.

Our prodigal son, Nathan, makes his much-anticipated return in this episode, and Peter and Stuart from Bizarre Creations join us to discuss The Club. There’s tons of great content here, so if you have a couple hours to burn, why don’t you kick back, grab a beer and hang out with your friends at Sega Nerds!

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Sega Nerdcast 14: Phishing to Win

old nerdcast 14We’re back in action again this week to deliver our lovely listeners audial orgasms by the way of the Sega Nerdcast! This week, our newest staff member, James, joins myself, Graham and Ryan on the ‘cast, and I think it’s safe to say we’ll definitely have him back in the very near future.

If you were all good boys and girls and listened to the show in its entirety, you would have heard that we’re giving away a free copy of Sega’s newest *cough* masterpiece – Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer!

All you have to do to be eligible to win is post a comment in this post telling us what is the crappiest game you’ve ever played and why. Oh yeah, you also have to be a U.S. citizen and never have traveled to Mexico. Okay, I’m totally kidding on that list bit, but if you want to get some Shiren action, let us know about your crappy game experiences!

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Sega Nerdcast 15: Great Success

old nerdcast 15It’s that time of the month/year/well whenever we can be bothered really, again. It’s the Sega Nerdcast number 15.

We have something a little different for you this week, a change of hosts. After an intense weekend of Viking: Battle for Asgard psyching me up, I decided to overthrow the evil Chris and lock him in a cupboard, with only a slither of cheddar to nibble upon, and take the reigns of the show myself.

Joining me in the uprising is the super sexy Ryan and the possibly Canadian James.

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Sega Nerdcast 16: We Are Not Alone

old nerdcast 16I’m baaaaaaaack! After having to ride the bench last week due to my bratty newborns (just kidding, I love the kiddos), I’m back in action.

This week’s Nerdcast covers all the exciting Sega news that took place throughout the week, including Sega’s official announcement for Sonic Unleashed. We also talk about what we’ve been playing this week and even touch on a rather disturbing topic during the “It Came From the Forums” segment. Oh yeah, we also reveal who won the super grand prize of Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer. But you’ll have to listen to find out who the winner is!

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Sega Nerdcast 17: Who Needs Embargoes?

old nerdcast 17Wow, what a crazy week we’ve had. First, we had to deal with the Platinum Games embargo fiasco, then we had to get George into Sega Gamer’s Day and we finally had to make sure we get up all the articles on time; it was enough to make grown men cry. Trust us … Graham cried several times throughout the week.

But we capped it off with possibly the greatest episode of the Sega Nerdcast to date. I was joined by pretty much the entire staff with Graham, Nathan, James and George. As you might have surmised, we talk at length about Sega Gamer’s Day, Graham’s experience at the Sega/Platinum Games press conference and we unveil a new feature – Name That Tune in the last segment.

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Sega Nerdcast 18: It Came From Japan

old nerdcast 18Although we didn’t have quite as much big news to talk about as we did last week, we were still able to squeeze out enough Sega goodness to put together yet another Sega Nerdcast. In this week’s episode, we have Hudson and George joining Graham, Nathan and myself for an hour-long chat where we discuss more Platinum Games information, Shiren 3 and Sega Rally 3.

We follow that up in the second half with our second edition of Name That Tune, but the big question is will the Sega Nerds team vindicate themselves after last week’s embarrassing showing? You’ll have to listen and find out!

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