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Retro Game Designer lets you create games for Mega Drive, Dreamcast and more!

OrionSoft is back, to help you make your own games!

Good news, OrionSoft is back! …sort of. If you don’t know, OrionSoft (a one-man indie dev studio) has been making games for retro consoles for quite a few years now, including Mega Drive/Genesis, Dreamcast, Game Boy, Jaguar and PS1. But just last year he announced that he would no longer be making game professionally – as he wasn’t making enough money to make it worth his while, which was a sad day, because he has made some cracking titles.

Well, OrionSoft has launched a Kickstarter, not for a new game, but for the ‘Retro Game Designer’ – a piece of software that he has been working that will allow YOU to make your own games for the Mega Drive/Genesis, Dreamcast, Jaguar or PS1!

The good news is that, he’s promising the Retro Game Designer won’t require any coding knowledge, so anyone should be able to create their own games.

Now, admittedly, this idea isn’t totally new; there’s plenty of PC-based software out there that allows you to create your own games. But those software packages rarely allow development for console, and if they do it’s usually for modern platforms. This will be one of the few that caters for specific retro consoles.

The basic packages/tiers are aimed at people who want to dabble in game design, but not sell their wares. While the higher priced tiers (going up to 500Euros) will be for professionals and you’ll be free to sell your game made with the software.

By the looks of it, Orion is aiming to use stretch goals to help advance the creation of different game engines. He’s hoping, with full funding, to be able to include engines for: 2D Platformers, Point ‘N Click Adventures, Scrolling Shoot ‘Em Ups and RPGs.

This is definitely another Kickstarter project, I’ll be backing. If it’s successful, hopefully we’ll see plenty more games coming to the Mega Drive and Dreamcast for years to come!

Check out the Kickstarter project, here.

Graham Cookson

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