Intrepid Izzy’s latest Kickstarter update is here

Last year, Senile Team announced Intrepid Izzy; an action-adventure platformer with a spunky heroine for the SEGA Dreamcast. Senile Team has slowly been revealing information about Intrepid Izzy‘s progress and we like what we see!

Take a look below:

Programming stuff

All sorts of programming magic has been performed, including, but not limited to:

  • Improvements to the sound code. The stereo audio is now actually stereo, with left being left and right be right and that ain’t wrong.
  • Things (enemies, explosions, etc.) that are far away will have a lower volume than things that are close by. Super logical, but it still has to be programmed by someone!
  • Saving the game actually works. Very useful for bug testing as well 🙂
  • Improved Izzy handling. When you give Izzy a little nudge at a ledge, she will drop straight down, and no longer flies off the edge. Of course, when running off a ledge you will fly like the wind.
Is that last one called a drop-kick?
Is that last one called a drop-kick?

New Enemies

Three new enemies have been completed. Designs of two of them were already included in the campaign, and are now finished and dangerous. The third is new and will remain a surprise for when you get to play the game 🙂

Ghosts and love? WIll the third enemy turn out to be Patrick Swayze?
Ghosts and love? WIll the third enemy turn out to be Patrick Swayze?

Flying Squirrel Costume Completion!

The title really says it all. The Flying Squirrel Costume has been completed and will allow the player to reach new areas and look stylish at the same time.
Although Roel made a super-duper animation program to easily animate the characters, the squirrel costume had some very specific challenges. (Check out the animation editor here if haven’t seen it in action yet.)

With the Animation Editor arms and legs were easy to move around, but a billowing cape was not something that it was ever designed for. And a flying squirrel without wings will result in a plummeting squirrel.

So back-breaking manual labour was needed in making the wingless oddity (on the left) into a fully functional flying raging rodent (on the right)!

Squirrel of Rage

Via Kickstarter 

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