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Pier Solar HD update adds new game+, other features

Our friends at Watermelon Games have announced a new Pier Solar HD patch for Steam, PlayStation 3 and 4 in North America and PS4 in Europe that fixes several bugs and adds new features.

The most notable update is the inclusion of a new game+ mode, which allows players who have already beaten the game to start it again while retaining their levels and items from their previous game.

Other updates include theĀ game’s graphics, which have been updated to include a brighter tone and some of the paths have been visually de-cluttered, which is very welcome as I had several issues with this during my play-through of the game.

The in-game healing spell has also been tweaked to show the status of each character when choosing which party member to heal.

Other changes include in-game options to control the SFX volume, encounter rate and battle animation speed.

In the update, Watermelon announced the Wii U, Xbox One and PS3 (in Europe) versions are all in their respective certification processes and will be published “as soon as they get approved.”Ā There’s still no release date on that elusive Dreamcast version, but we can’t wait to see it finally come to fruition.


Our crack reporter The Requiem has been reviewing Pier Solar HD, so go and read part 1 and part 2 of his review right now.

Chris Powell

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