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Pier Solar HD’s Dreamcast, PC ports get added features

Pier Solar HD has pretty much released on every major gaming platform with the exception of the Dreamcast and the Xbox 360. While the latter doesn’t appear to ever be coming, Watermelon Games has been making progress on the Dreamcast version.

In an update sent to Kickstarter backers, Watermelon Games announced the Dreamcast and PC versions would receive a “new game plus” mode that will allow you to “begin the game at the level you finished and will come with the items you had during your previous adventure.”

Also, Watermlon added an enemy encounter slider and special effects volume control.

“Many people were mentioning that the random encounters were too testing so we added an encounter slider to determine the frequency of battles which will help improve both your battle and story experience,” the update read. “Speaking of battles we have improved some of the animation speed and added an option within the battle menu to adjust it, to make fighting a smoother process.”

The special effects volume control was important for people making “Let’s Play” videos.

“During the original release we overlooked the mention of a SFX volume bar,” it read. “The new SFX volume bar will be very useful for people making “Lets Plays” of the game so they are able to record the perfect volume levels during their play through as well as giving people a personalized audio experience.”

The updates will eventually make their way to all versions of the game but will initially be available in the Dreamcast and PC versions of Pier Solar HD.

Chris Powell

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