Top 3 Sports Games for the Dreamcast

The Dreamcast was released by Sega in November 2018. Initially available in Japan, the Dreamcast quickly became available in North America and Europe the following year. It was an historical moment for Sega, as it marked their final console release having been in the market for 18 years. Unfortunately, sales did not match expectations and the Dreamcast was discontinued in 2001.

However, a loyal following continues to use the Dreamcast today, with sport being one of the most popular types of game. Several sports games have been released for the Dreamcast but which are regarded as being the best?

NFL 2K1 is considered by many to be the leading American Football game in the history of video gaming, including the current Madden franchise. The graphics, number of plays, presentation, and online features made NFL 2K1 a hugely popular sports game on the Dreamcast. Many NFL fans continue to play this version of the game as opposed to the latest NFL games available on the PlayStation and Xbox. One glance at the review aggregation website Metacritic, shows NFL 2K1 was met with universal acclaim and came out with an average score of 97/100.

For those who want to take their NFL excitement to the next level, it is now possible to enjoy a wager on the game using a mobile device. Technology has certainly moved on since the introduction of the Dreamcast and the Gamble USA review of the Borgata app shows just what can be achieved today in terms of online gaming and sports betting.

Going back to the top 3 sports games for the Dreamcast and we come to Virtua Tennis. Much like the NFL game highlighted above, Virtua Tennis was applauded for its great graphics and animation. The controls allowed novices to pick up the game and begin playing immediately but there was plenty of depth for experienced players to enjoy. The World Tournament mode was one of the most popular features of the game and there were plenty of mini games included to add fun and develop skills. The multiplayer element of Virtua Tennis saw the game catch on with families and friends and there was the opportunity play as real ATP Tour players. Even the major tournaments were available to play although the official names were not licenced on the game.

Moving from the tennis court to the basketball court and NBA 2K1 was a fantastic sports game released for the Dreamcast in November 2000. This was the second instalment of the NBA 2K series and made significant improvements on the previous game. For example, it was the first NBA 2K game to feature online multiplayer gaming plus a selection of street courts. The Cage, Rucker Park, Franklin Park, and Goat Park were all included in the game and added a great deal of authenticity to the overall package. The addition of online gaming was a massive moment for basketball fans around the world but for those who did not have access to the online options, the franchise modes offered plenty of depth and hours of basketball fun.

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