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NFL 2K1, Ooga Booga to have online modes restored soon

Notable modder already has servers up and running

Last year was a good year to be a Dreamcast owner with nearly a dozen new indie releases, several Kickstarter projects for Dreamcast games and some great advances in the modding scene, with several Dreamcast games having their online functions restored.

Now, a modder named Shuouma, who’s responsible for reversing engineering and bringing the online mode of various Dreamcast titles back to life, has announced that he’s now done the same with NFL 2K1 and Ooga Booga. The servers are currently working, and he’s working with a select group of people to test it out before making it public in the coming weeks.

According to Shuouma all the games in the 2K series share the same protocols, and he plans to bring back the online mode for all the 2K series in 2018.

You can check all the Dreamcast online games and also learn how to connect in the website Dreamcast Live.

This year looks to be a great year for Dreamcast fans, with new indie games, new wireless controllers and more online games – being a Dreamcast fan means having a lot of fun. Good times to have the grey box! 🙂

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