How a Rise in eSports Betting Can Help the Gaming Industry

For the past two decades, the eSports industry has been pushing forward and expanding at a rapid rate. In the last decade, things have gone to a new level, with millions of people around the world being involved in watch, playing, and even betting on the events that take place.

One particular area of the eSports industry that has changed is betting on the events. There was a time when this didn’t exist, then it moved into a very basic offering with just a few bookmakers taking part, now eSports betting stands up to regular sports betting, such is the quality of the service.

But what impact does this have on the gaming industry as a whole, and in particular on the games that are part of eSports.

Greater Exposure

Bookmakers are giving the world of eSports far more exposure than we have seen before. They offer multiple different betting markets, live streams of events and much more. This is something we have never seen before, that is putting eSports in front of a new audience.

Many bookmakers offer a deal to new eSports gamblers, they offer free bets for UK customers that can be used on eSports betting markets.

The key with this is that people who wouldn’t normally be involved with eSports are given the chance to watch it, bet on it and keep up to date with what is happening.

While we have a great streaming service out there and plenty of information for those who already love eSports, it is the audience of new fans that need to be focused on. These people could be the ones that come into the gaming industry and start to play, buy and get involved.

New eSports Fans

The only way that eSports will ever be able to match up with regular sporting events is if the influx of new fans continues for a long time. It is easier to convert someone into being an eSports fan if they have had some kind of interaction before, this is where betting once again can help.

If a regular sports fan wants a bet, but their favourite sport is not available then they are likely to turn to something else.

With eSports being offered pre-match, in play and with a live stream to watch the action, there is a chance that these people will turn our way.

Betting on games such as Counter Strike could be what eventually brings new eSports fans in. The hope is that their bet will lead them to watching the action, and the fast-paced nature will make this something they want to watch again in the future.

Could This Convert to New Gamers & Gaming Sales?

For the gaming industry as a whole, there is more at stake than just finding new eSports fans. What the industry wants is to turn these people into gamers themselves, so they are buying the games and consoles, and taking part in events online.

Going from betting on mobile apps to playing games on consoles or desktop computers will take a lot of time, but it is certainly something that could be done.

Those who bet and watch eSports could want to give the game a go themselves, which could lead to them buying it to play online, either on a computer or via a console.

This would be a huge boost for the gaming industry should it happen, and it is all thanks to eSports betting bringing completely new players to the world of eSports as a new player.

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