New Things to Come up by 2020 in CS: GO

2019 was a great time with supporters of CS: GO. Project Shattered Web brought a plethora of new material to the game, although some of that is controversial. Event organizers are still providing fans with either a packed calendar of December. With the new year a little over a couple of months away, what else are you looking forward to for 2020?

Competitive Field

The year 2020 is expected to be an extremely competitive year for the Counter-Strike. Astralis eventually returned to the shape of the championship. Teams, including Evil Geniuses & Team Liquid, could still show the Danes the run for the money. The fight for world number 1 is not over. New-look NaVi will be the title contender because they are hungry to win trophies after some uninspiring early trips.

New Circuits

Earlier the year, the Electronic Sports League introduced a new ESL Championship Tour. That seeks to link approximately 20 activities to a cohesive loop resulting in two major events a year. Teams would now granted circuit arguments for high performance at events. Those who perform best during the year would invite to either the Masters Championship level competitions, IEM Katowice as well as ESL 1 Cologne. Other teams could still compete in the Masters Championship occurrences through placing well in the qualifying LAN.

Thanks to their joint parent organization, Dreamhack’s CS: GO tournaments will then be part of the series. ESL is often said to be organizing Brazil’s first Major throughout 2020, with either the competition coming underneath the Masters Championship class.

The League often provides an even more precise route for players to reach the top of the stage, also as ESL’s national major tournaments will qualify as well for the Mountain Dew League and otherwise, DreamHack Open significant events.

There are also rumours that the franchise league will implement to CS: GO in 2020. Although nothing has yet verified, prominent reporter Jarek ‘DeKay’ Lewis noted that the “League in North America, which features the franchise-like system, received permission from Valve” of his regular column Reports Say. Later, Richard Lewis goes deeper into the live stream, revealing that somehow the Immortals Group & Cloud9 were interested in some way. Supporters are expected to make a public announcement about that kind of League again this year. People can get more information through

Player Base Rejuvenated

Following the release of a new operation, CS: GO has achieved the highest average number of players in literature. With even more players coming down the queue moments, Valve gives an interest in keeping content into the game. Increasing the number of active players after a product patch is a beautiful way for designers to see if the development for the game is worth the money they have taken to make.

Valve reported that Project Shattered Internet lasts longer than 16 weeks, which indicates that it will run well into 2020. Hopefully, Piston will identify a positive community reaction and will continue to announce new CS: GO material in 2020. Fans have been waiting for an obey-up to Project Hydra for about two years. Shattered Internet is a significant transition to something like a new year. Supporters hope that Valve will continue this through the New Year.

CS: GO 2020: Leagues on Either the Hunt but Also Looking for a Rebound

With so many weeks remaining throughout the 2019 calendar, CSGO players and teams were looking to compete for the top spot through the high few occurrences. Throughout this second part of 2020 break down for CS: GO, they will concentrate on the rebound teams, primarily Vitality, Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, and Mousesports. Could these teams certainly-align themselves and become more efficient at CSGO to 2020?

2020 Rebounding

Faze Clan is perhaps the most popular group that’s trying to recover. After becoming the favourite to win that ELEAGUE Boston Major during January 2018, the dominance of the FaZe Clan at just the top faded away back. By 2019, the above team had been a shadow of its former owner. FaZe Clan has won a few notice events, from their most recent months plagued by roster movements.

In addition to Marcelo “coldzera”, David, but also Helvij’s “broke” Saukants to September did not help matters right away, that left fans are worldwide disgusted. Coldzera is probably one of the most significant roster changes throughout the history of a CS: GO. Yet, with his comeback matches on a FaZe Clan, the squad looks no different from their previous line-up. 

However, the team has shown signs of improvement for the last couple of weeks. The recent appearance at a Copenhagen Blast pro series comes from nowhere. They shocked the world by actually taking over all the NiP, Astralis, and otherwise Team liquid form.

They’ve also done well during the surviving ESL pro premiership finals. A FaZe Clan is the best illustration of a recovery squad. For them, it’s the rest of the year will be about getting much stock down as possible, and they’re definitely on track to use it. An ESL pro leagues Finals and hence the Blast Worldwide Finals were the surviving FaZe occurrences.

Bounces Back Mousesports?

Another significant example of the same rebound team was the mousesports. Before the CAC finals, which ended last weekend, mouse sports could have dropped. However, to surprise, mousesports eventually won the incident. That is with the wants of G2 and Evil Geniuses of attendance. An international roster used to have big moments, and sometimes even the weak games used to have positive take-offs. For instance, going 2-0 against Evil Geniuses seems to be a hell of an achievement.

Unstable but Strong

There will be a few teams out there that are not on the putback. Then, often, they are on the brink of disaster. Natus Vincere is the epitome of that same message. The paper roster will be of the highest quality, with the right mix of traditional but also new, talented players. But Na’Vi is in a strange place. We can go to one competition to finish in the top four, then go to another one and complete the last one.

Could the Vitality Group Identify Them?

Such as Na’Vi, Squad Vitality has a problem with its status. For much of 2019, they have been at the peak of a planet behind Team Liquid. But they hit a brick wall to break its player and cannot translate the post-Berlin achievement. Its team took the suit to roster moves, removing Nathan “NBK” Schmitt of Richard “Shox” Papillon ever since they have already made a steep path out of interest.

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