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7 reasons why you should be excited that a 7th Dragon title is arriving to the west

2016 has started with some exciting announcements for the SEGA western fans, first with the announcement of the PS4 Valkyria Chronicles Remaster arriving to this territory, then the 2nd Volume of the SEGA 3D Classics physical compilation, and now a 7th Dragon title is finally arriving to west.
But not many people in the west know that much about these very acclaimed SEGA RPG series, so we’re goint to give you 7 reasons why such an announcement should start to pick your interest:

7) The series have been acclaimed RPGs in Japan
The 7th Dragon titles had an amazing reception among Japanese JRPG fans, being the 2020 series (2 titles that belong to the 2nd part of the story) the favorite and considered some of the best RPGs to be published on the PSP Japanese library. The titles sold very well, which eventually resulted in SEGA releasing 7th Dragon III for the 3DS and since its launch in 2015 it continues to sell well in Japan.

7th Dragon III : CODE VFD
7th Dragon III : CODE VFD

6) Think of the awesome Merch
Figures, clothing, cards, artbooks, you name it! The characters are popular and the consumers know it, lots of amazing swag has been released for the series and upcoming 7th Dragon III figures and merch are no excpetion.

5) Art by Shirow Miwa
Manga Artist, Shirow Miwa, has been doing the character design for all 7th Dragon titles, and let us say that his art has been amazing thru the years.

He has even inserted some SEGA cameo references on some of them, notice the JSRF shirt?

4) The Amazing Soundtracks

All 7th Dragon titles have music produced by legendary videogame composer Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage series, Revenge of Shinobi, Beyond Oasis, you name it!) and Sasakure UK with some amazing vocal collaborations including Annabel on 7th Dragon III and Hatsune Miku thru the 7th Dragon 2020 series (yes, Yuzo Koshiro + Miku, tell your friends).

Yuzo Koshiro and Sasakure UK on 7th Dragon OST
Yuzo Koshiro and Sasakure UK on 7th Dragon OST

Take a listen to the 7th Dragon III opening theme:

Or Yuzo Koshiro + Miku on the 7th Dragon 2020 OST

3) Amazing story and in-game crossover collabs
Of course, as a strong feature in most JRPGs, interesting stories are required, the 7th Dragon series have been no exception, specially speaking for the people behind the series, but we’ll let you know in the upcoming points. The story has also translated into interesting in-game collabs, like Hatsune Miku appearing on the 2020 series, and the popular 2020 characters appearing on 7th Dragon III.

2) An RPG with Virtual On’s and Phantasy Star’s soul!
The 7th Dragon series can brag about the SEGA team behind its productions. Masayuki Kawabata (Phantasy Star 0, Phantasy Star Universe) is the director and Juro Watari of Virtual On series fame is the producer for 7th Dragon III.

7th dragon III producers Masayuki Kawabata and Juro Watari
7th Dragon III producers

1) Rieko Kodama
SEGA’s legendary Rieko Kodama has been the main producer behind the whole 7th Dragon series, which is more than a good reason to consider this a title to look forward to. If you still don’t know who she is, she’s one of the SEGA people beind a lot of SEGA IPs and titles that you care for. She has worked at SEGA as artist, animator, director, and game producer. Her SEGA work portfolio as illustrator and character designer is impressive: Champion Boxing (the world’s 1st fighting game), Ninja Princess, Alex Kidd series, Quartet, Fantasy Zone II, Phantasy Star 1, 2, & IV, Altered Beast, and many more. She even worked as producer for Skies of Arcadia.
Yes, the 7th Dragon series is another of her RPG babies.

Rieko Kodama, 7th Dragon series main producer
Rieko Kodama, 7th Dragon series main producer

7th Dragon is a SEGA produced RPG series developed by Imageepoch, featuring interesting stories of an Eden land invaded by Dragons, party team classes with turn based attacks gameplay, and astonishing OSTs. So far 4 titles have been spawned 7th Dragon on the Ninty DS, a 2 game sequel 7th Dragon 2020 and 7th Dragon 2020 II on the PSP (the most acclaimed titles so far in the series and considered some of the best RPGs of the PSP console), and this new entry, 7th Dragon III: CODE VFD which is also being released in the West this Summer of 2016 on the Ninty 3DS.
¿Are you excited to see one of the 7th Dragon titles in the west? Let us know in the comments!


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