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SEGA, Yuzo Koshiro, and Sasakure.UK unveil 7th Dragon III OST tracklist and cover

SEGA of Japan, legendary music composers Yuzo Koshiro, and Sasakure.UK have unveiled today the tracklist for their upcoming and awaited 7th Dragon III Code: VFD OST. The release will be a 3 CD set to be out on December 23rd in Japan for 3,600 yen, you can still preorder it via AmiAmiYuzo Koshiro (composer for legendary titles such as  Ys, The Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of Rage Series, and many others), and Sasakure.UK have been doing the OSTs for the entire series, even collaborating with vocaloid Hatsune Miku for the 7th Dragon 2020 series titles (an epic OST we strongly recommend), so this new one won’t be an exception in great quality.


Additionally, SEGA has released the beautiful 7th Dragon III OST cover by manga artist, Shirow Miwa, who has been designing the characters for the whole series.



01. Human and dragon story (code:. VFD Ver)
02. Last story, starting
03. Tokyo ─ ordeal will be crossing
04. Battlefield ─UE77
05. Spinning, slay
06. Raid of reincarnation
07. Battlefield ─ Bowie predators
08.UE77 Ariake
09. Life spins
10. Let’s Work! !
11. UE77 TOKYO
12. Atlantica ─ jade afterglow
13. Battlefield ─ Atlantis
14. Kura Dion ─ lamplight of deep sea
15. Sanctuary (code:. VFD Ver)
16. Berg ─ The X-ocean Miya
17. Redein ─ Holy Land Shinchin
18. True dragon ─1st Encounter


01. Sink in Kazan ─ Hana, future
02. Redein ─ spiral ruins
03. Battlefield ─ Eden
04. Ruin spell
05. Return location
06. Pureroma ─ Haimetsu Gakuto
07. Battlefield ─7 invading and attacking
08. final hammer Igunito (code:. VFD Ver)
09. If the report is this hand
10. Re: vanishment (code:. VFD Ver)
11. Loss ─ dragon ask
12. Battlefield ─ pole of predators
13. Battlefield ─ hunt the person
14. Final battle ─ Grateful Seventh
15. Creation and dragon of Kimetsu
16. VFD─Vicarius Filii Dei
17. ChRoNiClESeVeN (code:. VFD Ver)
18. Our Future, Your Sekai
19. Tokyo ─ ordeal to interlaced (TeddyLoid Remix) feat. Annabel BonusTrack


01. Re:Vanishment feat. Annabel
02. Sanctuary.
03. Final attack Igunito feat. Riya (eufonius)
04. ChRoNiClESeVeN feat. Annabel
05. Re:Vanishment feat. Annabel [Instrumental] 06 . Sanctuary [Instrumental] 07. Final attack Ignition feat. Riya (eufonius) [Instrumental] 08. ChRoNiClESeVeN feat. Annabel [Instrumental]

You can listen to “Tokyo ─ ordeal to interlaced (TeddyLoid Remix) feat. Annabel”, the Bonus Track included on the OST release in the video below:

7th Dragon is a very successful series of RPG games developed by Imaeepoch in Japan, sadly none has ever been released in the west. The SEGA producers behind this successful series include SEGA’s legendary character designer Rieko Kodama (Alex Kidd, Phantasy Star, Ninja Princess, Altered Beast, Quartet, etc.), Masayuki Kawabata (Phantasy Star Series), and Juro Watari (Virtual On). 


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