Mark III/Master System Fantasy Zone Announced for SEGA 3D Classics Vol.2

It seems like SEGA yet again has added an extra Master System game to the 3D Classics Archives 2. With the original 3D Classics Archives having the Master System versions of 3D OutRun and 3D Space Harrier, it would only be fair for the second volume to have it’s own exclusives as well.  Fantasy Zone II was already announced for Volume 2, but as of today, it looks like the original Fantasy Zone will be bundled up with it as well.  From what it seems, it will be like the ports of 3D OutRun and 3D Space Harrier before it, but I believe these new two have FM support as well, for those wanting the extra sound capabilities of the Master System/Mark III.


Still no news whether we’re getting any of the new 3D Classics stuff in the US, but here’s hoping. Pretty sure the Master System games would make a decent amount as downloadables on the Virtual Console.



Jayson Lamp

Resident SEGA racer expert of sorts,been playing them since OutRunners. Writer of the Forgotten Racers series,among other things. Favorite SEGA series is Hang-On,and my favorite console is the Saturn. "Welcome to our exciting circuit. Do your best,and good luck!!"-Power Drift,1988

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