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TGS 2015 : SEGA Day 1 Stream Hightlights

Tokyo Game Show, Sept 17th 2015. The 1st Day of activities in TGS started today, and so did the SEGA Stream which we announced earlier today. Here’s some highlights from the showcased games:

The stream started with a SEGA TGS 2015 booth staff presentation, then the hosts presented the booth map, game lineup, and SEGA merch available at the store.

The second stream segment featured Ohashi Osamu (Sega Games Consumer Online Company Consumer Research and Development Division General Manager), Takaya Segawa (Sega Games Consumer Online Company Online Research and Development Division General Manager), Masayoshi Kikuchi (SEGA Networks Company Executive Officer Development Division General Manager), and Naoto Hiraoka (Atlus director consumer software Bureau). This team presented the SEGA inhouse, SEGA mobile, and Atlus game lineup. They spoke about some features for each title, showed new trailers (including the new Persona 5 one), and talked about gameplay in some cases. In the same segment Naoto Hiraoka from Atlus said they still have 1 secret game to announce soon… 

The 3rd segment featured Hiroshi Utsumi (Project Diva Series supervising producer), Seiji Hayashi (Project Diva Series Producer), and Osaki Makoto (Project Diva Series Producer) for a Hatsune Miku Project Diva series talk. “Live & Produce” will be the game’s theme. The trio explained some of the new gameplay mechanics and modes for the game which include the new “live quest mode”, a mode which sets up a challenge to reach certain “voltage” by the player. In this mode, there are elements (attributes) and accessories, by attaching the same module as the attribute of the song, employs a system in which voltage is likely to increase. The combination of modules and accessories is an important element of the quest variations.

Another  introduced mode is the “Rush Notes”, in which the player has to hit the buttons or the combination in a certain time limit, creating an intense rush sensation to meet the timings.

The Project Diva staff unveiled the new Project Diva X keyart illustrated by KEI (Hatsune Miku character designer). The game is aimed for March 2016 for PS Vita and Fall 2016 for PS4.

Moments after the Project Diva Future Tone trailer was presented and and explanation of it becoming an arcade port for the PS4. It was confirmed Project Diva Future Tone will run on 1080p at 60 fps, which sounds incredible for a rhythm game where no controller button input delay and precise response is required. Future Tone will include over 200 songs from the arcade version. The team said they are working on some Dual Shock 4 controller interaction for this version, but they didn’t specify what type will it be. The stream ended with the host presenting the booth freebies and merch available at the SEGA TGS 2015 store.

The 4th segment was all about Toshihiro Nagoshi and the Yakuza series. Presenting the Ryu Ga Gotoku Kiwami trailer first, then a large talk among the guest Arimura, a Japanese Film Critic, and Nagoshi occurred, they talked a lot about the 10 year nostalgia for the series, and some characters. Nagoshi said that it was very difficult to develop the 1st Yakuza title, so they wanted to make a real improvement on this new version. Graphics are scenarios have been greatly improved for this version, mini games and  SEGA’s Mushiking arcade have been added, gameplay and combat system has been improved.

Nagoshi announced Hiroshi Inaba from the rock band “B’z” will perform “Receive You [Reborn]” as the main theme for Ryu Ga Gotoku Kiwami, and Takeshi Kitano‘s (director and actor, Battle Royale movies, etc.) voice will appear in Yakuza 6. A code for Yakuza 6 demo will be included in the Ryu Ga Gotoku Kiwami launch editions.

The 5th segment was the popular PSO2 talk. Satoshi Sakai (PSO2 Series Producer), Yuya Kimura (PSO2 Series director), and guest Nakanishi Nasu (comedian) hosted the stream. They started talking about the recent ARKS festival in which the PSO2 PS4 version was announced, then the chat turned into a showcase about the notorious graphics improvements for the PS4 version. Later they showcased some improved weaponry for the title and showed some live gameplay. The stream ended presenting the PSO2 cosplayers.

And lastly we turned our attention to the Dengeki Online stream where the Project x Zone 2 PR team (Ayumi Sato and Minami Honda from Bandai Namco) was invited to talk about the game and presented the new trailer for the title. They listed the character lineup for each company and reminded the audience Segata Sanshiro aka Hiroshi Fujioka himself will present the game on the Bandai Namco stage on Saturday.

You can watch the whole SEGA Day 1 stream again here:


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