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Famitsu unveils Segata Sanshiro as Project x Zone 2 character!

The latest Weekly Famitsu has revealed Segata Sanshiro will be a a solo unit playable character in Bandai Namco‘s Project X Zone 2, a crossover strategy RPG with Capcom, and Sega developed by Monolith Soft. The game will be out for the Ninty 3DS on November 12th in Japan, and in early 2016 for us western commoners (North America and Europe).


Segata Sanshiro, a character played by the original sentai Kamen Rider actor, Hiroshi Fujioka, was part of a series of TV Ads used by SEGA of Japan during the Sega Saturn era. Take a look at some pics for the character in the PxZ2 game:

Additionally, Famitsu has revealed Shadow from Space Channel 5 part 2 and Resonance of Fate’s Leanne will be in the game:

Plus, on September 19th, Segata Sanshiro himself, actor Fujioka Hiroshi, will be on the Bandai Namco stage to present the game! Here’s the info on the Bandai Namco guests for the PXZ2 presentation:

  • Fujioka Hiroshi (“Segata Sanshiro”)
  • Sugita Tomokazu (Streets of Rage “Axel Stone” voice actor)
  • Marina (“PROJECT X ZONE 2: BRAVE NEW WORLD” theme song Artist)
  • Tsuka-chu Kensuke (Bandai Namco entertainment producer)
  • Morizumi Souichiro (Monolith Soft Development Director)


[via Famitsu, GamerNe & Gematsu]


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