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Weegee the God responds to Polygon and Sonic Forces criticism

Last week, SEGA Nerds reported that the Twitch streamer known as “Weegee the God” returned his Steam purchase of Sonic Forces after completing the game in less than three hours. This caused quite a stir among some in the gaming community, with the primary concern being the accusation of his abusing Steam’s refund policy by requesting a refund and profiting from monetizing the stream in the process.

Weegee has responded to the controversy in video form, addressing much of the criticisms that have been levied against him. Rather than summarize his many points, I highly encourage you to watch his video response in its entirety, as it demonstrates the dangers of jumping to conclusions, and especially the hazards of trusting Polygon for – well – for pretty much anything.

Source: Weegee the God

The Requiem

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