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Wonfes 2015 Winter: SEGA Figures lineup

The Tokyo Wonderful Hobby Life for You Festival, or Wonfes, is an event held in the Makuhari Messe twice a year (Winter and Autumm) in Chiba, Japan. It’s basically the Japanese Toy Industry’s E3 along with Bandai’s Tamashii Nations. Almost every major Toy and Garage Kit manufacturer from Japan announces most of their upcoming toy lineups for the rest of the year, they even release a couple of Wonfes Toy exclusives for sale.

SEGA and its subsidiary crane toy brand, SEGA Prize, have been participating in the last editions, revealing upcoming lineups, and licensing for figures on some other brands. SEGA has been making awesome deals for licensing on toys with big companies such as Takara Tomy, Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya, and Alter. In this year’s Wonfes 2015 Winter edition they just knocked it outta the park. Looking at the list makes you realize how effective SEGA of Japan’s licensing team has become.

So let’s review the SEGA figure announcements at the event!


Big expectation was around their Dreamcast Hard Girl Wonfes exclusive figure only available for sale at the event (we reviewed the previous one, Saturn, on the site, you can read about it here), the global community has been keeping eyes on this figures since they are very limited and hard to get, because the characters are pretty well known and loved after their anime release. However it was not the only figure around on their booth: other manga, light novel, and anime licenses for UFO catchers were showcased like KanColle, Fighting Climax (SEGA & Dengeki Bunko’s popular fighitng game), Love Live (Idol IP), Ars Nova, and collab with Sanrio x Studio Khara x Gainax for the Evangelion merchandise called Micro Macro.

Dreamcast Hard Girl figure
Dreamcast Hard Girl figure


This brand announced a lot of SEGA and Atlus figures, which include: Yakuza Figma figures (action figures), Saturn SEGA Hard Girl statue and Nendoroid, Persona Figmas, Hard Girls Keystraps, and Selvaria Bles (from Valkyria Chronicles) statue from the VERTEX sub-brand. Persona figures by Phat! were also in this booth.



This booth unveiled PSO2 and Shining series figures by Tony Taka. While other brands such as Alter or Alphamax showcased Chain Chronicle and more Shining figures. On the other side Volks unveiled another Selvaria Charagumin. Reflex unveiled its Bayonetta anniversary figure.

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A few Genesis Megatron Transformer figures were placed on sale at the event, they sold out in 30 mins.


So… It looks like everyone’s wallets will be in danger for a while… start saving money… SEGA has finally learned how to get it from us without putting any resistance.


Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and of course a SEGA Nerd and Fan!

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