What You Should Know About Bluetooth Gaming Chairs

Getting the most out of your gaming setup, console or PC means maximizing as much of the accessories as you can get. The amount of accessories you can get helps make your gaming experience more fun and more practical, so you want to ensure that everything you buy and use has a purpose.

Gaming chairs are not new and they are a staple for any good gaming station but there are a lot more innovations that have been made that make them even better now than ever before. One such innovation is with Bluetooth-capable gaming chairs, and here are some of the questions you should know when it comes to them.

How Much Do They Cost?

Inevitably, any question about gaming accessories is going to end up in asking how much it is going to cost you to add it to your list of extras. Gaming chairs vary a lot in price because of the features and having Bluetooth capabilities is definitely a bonus that deserves the extra dollars. It won’t cost you a significant amount more considering the benefit, but it is good to know that better chairs cost more. Gaming chairs with little features might cost less than $200, while really good ones can cost over $400. Generally speaking, the more you spend the better you get, but you can always find great quality chairs for reasonable prices.

What Devices Are They Compatible With?

Another great question you need answers to is about what kind of devices are compatible with a Bluetooth gaming chair. Anything with Bluetooth pairing is possible, so a phone, a console, a laptop, or a computer could all work. If you look at the chairs at, you can see how the speaker functions would work well with Bluetooth devices. Being able to connect your other electronics makes it easier to create a really cohesive gaming setup.

What Styles Do They Come In?

Gaming chairs are really fun to look for because you can always find one in a cool style. There are plenty of options that can help you get the desired results aesthetically out of your gaming setup. Bluetooth gaming chairs are no different and can look really nice to pair with your computer. Red, blue, green, yellow, basically any color you can name is going to be able to be found as an option and can tie together the whole look of your rig. Matching the chair to your computer, keyboard, mouse, controller, headset, etc. is only the first step in finding a style of chair. You also need to find chairs that are breathable with holes or mesh for when you’re parked in them for hours at a time too.

What’s The Connection Range?

The connection range for Bluetooth is good now and steadily improving with new additions of technology, but for a Bluetooth gaming chair, you don’t need to worry too much unless you somehow have a room that is 50 feet long, but you probably don’t. Still, it helps to have a Bluetooth chair that has good range because you want to be able to get up and do things without connectivity fading. Say you go to make a snack in the kitchen while your phone and music streaming apps are playing through the chair’s speakers, you don’t want the quality to diminish. It’s a simple thing to look for and makes sure that you don’t lose out on functionality while away from your console or computer.

What Other Features Do They Have?

Bluetooth capabilities are only one feature you should look for. There are plenty of others that will help you experience the best possible time during your gaming sessions. Adjustable height is a given for any good chair, so is quality lumbar or back support. You need to make sure your chair is comfortable and not going to hurt for extended periods, as mentioned. Movable armrests, like rotational functions, are also going to add more comfort to your experience. Foldable or portability might be something to look into if you need to move the chair around a lot, but might not be a necessity for you.

Picking out a good gaming chair is not only important, but it should also be mandatory for any serious gamer. Even if you’re not a huge game enthusiast, a great chair will help make your life better. One type of gaming chair to look into is a Bluetooth capable chair. With the ability to connect to your devices and play music out of a chair, your gaming will be taken to new heights.

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