The Biggest eSports Games for Betting

The biggest eSports games for betting include iconic titles, but also those you might not have expected. Click here for our detailed guide.

When looking into the biggest eSports games for betting, it’s vital to remember that video gaming has existed since the 1980s. However, eSports betting has changed everything because it’s becoming more popular by the day. You’ll find countless tournaments being offered with mouth-watering odds at different betting sites with great prizes. eSports provide a plethora of competitions and a systematic gaming experience that is different from other types of gaming. It’s competitive, and players can win impressive amounts of real money.

These days, many video games benefit from the competitive treatment that eSports offers (an excellent example is the games available at The number of tournaments with skilled gamers is continuously increasing, and they compete for prizes, sponsors, and attracting fans. These games are often streamed live on Twitch, YouTube, or network television. Consequently, the once-fledgling industry has come a long way and is now covered by many websites that offer eSports odds.

The Biggest eSports Games for Betting: What to Look For

Below you’ll find some of the most popular eSports games that you can bet on:

  • Valorant
  • Global Offensive (CS:GO) Counter-Strike
  • Call of Duty
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends (one of the biggest eSports games for betting)
  • Overwatch
  • Fortnite
  • League (RL)
  • Starcraft II
  • FIFA


Valorant is a first-person hero shooter title that quickly rose to prominence after its 2020 release by Riot Games. The VALORANT Champions Tour has three levels – VALORANT Challengers, VALORANT Masters, and VALORANT Champions – which are some of the most prestigious events in eSports betting nowadays.

When it comes to the biggest eSports games for betting, Riot Games is currently working on a mobile-exclusive version of Valorant. Because it will cater exclusively to mobile gamers, projections indicate this title will continue to grow the game’s status as one of the leaders in eSports betting.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

This title is, without a doubt, among the most played eSports games worldwide. The multiplayer online battle arena allows players the opportunity to compete for virtual items. GS:GO launched in 2012, and it has been entertaining players ever since.

It offers the largest eSports market for weapon skins and is subject to updates via patches. Major events such as IEM Katowice, ESL One Rio De Janeiro, DreamHack Anaheim, and ESL One Cologne take place annually.

These events have massive prize pools and regularly attract more than a million viewers. It is not surprising that CS:GO has become so popular, and even Albert sheng, a betting writer, stated that the biggest pro of CS:GO is its volume. There is no offseason, meaning the entertainment lasts year-round.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a staple of any list when it comes to the biggest eSports games for betting. This title has been a massive gaming success since its original release almost 20 years ago. Few people could have predicted the magnitude this title would grow to back then.

Today, the game is available in over 400 million copies. However, the quality of play in professional eSports events is exceptionally high.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the original game where the series became interested in eSports, and this interest continues to grow today. Activision, the game’s creator, launched a 12-team Call of Duty League that follows the same structure and layout as the Overwatch League.

Dota 2

Valve also developed this game, and is somewhat similar to CS:GO. It has some of the highest tournament prize pools, wagering odds, and viewership. The game is also among the most popular in the world, with players from 16 countries actively competing in tournaments.

Dota 2 is ranked second on most eSports betting sites as the most popular option when it comes to the biggest eSports games for betting. The game’s total prize pool is what makes it stand out from other eSports options. However, prizes vary depending on your level. Fans who purchase the in-game compendium can contribute a significant amount to fund the contest’s massive prize pool.

The compendium includes all kinds of items, including new game modes, skins, challenges, and more. 25% of the compendium is used for prize money, and this amount has exceeded US$34 million in previous years.

League of Legends (LoL)

LoL is globally popular, among other reasons, because it has had a positive impact on the growth of the gambling industry. It is a trendy game in Asia, but it is just as well-known in many other countries, with over eight million players worldwide. The official LoL eSports League boasts a prize pool totaling US$80 million.


When it comes to the biggest eSports games for betting, Blizzard Entertainment has produced some fantastic eSports titles. This shooter is one of those games representing a mix of heroic and shooter-related elements. You can choose from hero, tank, damage hero, or support hero.

The Overwatch League dates back to 2018 and is similar to Call of Duty. It is made up of teams from different regions, including North America, East Asia, and Europe.


When discussing Fortnite’s status as an eSports game, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The top players in Fortnite have earned more money from this game than any other relatively new eSport.

In other words, Fortnite has seen more people win than any other eSport in terms of monetary rewards. To date, the game has had more than 250 million registered users on various platforms.

Rocket League (RL)

RL is a unique entry on this list when it comes to the biggest eSports games for betting. You can think of this game as soccer with rocket cars, in that two opponents push the ball into the opposing side’s posts. Rocket League has three seasons and weekly events, and the prize for the year is approximately US$4.5million.

StarCraft II

This strategy game is an older entry but is a popular eSport game nonetheless. It is televised occasionally, with most of its players hailing from South Korea. The prize pool is approximately US$4 million for the ESL Pro Tour Starcraft II. It attracts countless betting enthusiasts from all over the world, making it very popular.


FIFA is a well-known brand with millions of loyal fans that bet on all FIFA-related events, including wagering on the FIFA World Cup or other national series. Because there is only one player at a time, it is one of the AI-assisted eSports. The prize is very lucrative and stands at approximately US$500,000. As far as the biggest eSports games for betting go, finding a worthier contender than this legendary game is a complex challenge.

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