How to Get Better at Playing Dota 2: A Guide for 2022

Dota 2 is one of the hardest competitive games simply due to its complex mechanics. Getting good at the game is a matter of perseverance and practice, and staying good can feel like a nightmare and a half. Getting better at playing Dota 2 does take time, but since skill is so important in the game, it is highly rewarding.

To help you get better at playing Dota 2 this year, here is a full list of tips and tricks that will make a big difference.

Use MMR Boosting Services

There are many reasons to use a Dota 2 MMR booster. If you are new and want to rise through the ranks quickly, a booster service can be a great approach. If you are an established player but don’t want to deal with the natural MMR decay just because you went on a vacation, then you may want to use a boosting service to maintain your position. The MMR system within Dota 2 can drastically change your playing experience, and knowing how to quickly increase your MMR or at least prevent it from decaying when you are away is an easy way to boost your experience and your play capabilities.

Build a Winning Team

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when playing Dota 2 and trying to make headway with your progress is that you have to do it all alone. Building a great team is not just how you will see faster and more impressive progress within the game; it is also how you will get more out of the entire experience. Make friends and play better with a winning team.


·       Improve Your Communication


Being able to work with a team means being able to communicate well. This applies both to you and to everyone else on your team. Don’t assume someone can read your mind or that you will work together the same way every time – unless you practice at it. Just as any sports team will have set-piece moves, so too should you and your team. Not only that, but you need to practice communicating so that you know what to say, how to explain your tactics, and do it all in ways that the rest of your team members can understand you.

·       Use Replay Analysis

Learning from your mistakes is a life lesson that applies to every facet of life, and it’s true too with Dota 2. Use the Replay Analysis to see not just your own weaknesses and issues but your competitors and teammates as well. This is a tactic often used in real battle as well. If you can, you will also want to watch the replays of high-level players to see if they have any interesting tactics and ideas that you can use yourself.

Learn the Map

If you want to win, you need to know the terrain. This will naturally come to you as you play and practice, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth testing yourself. Map awareness is how you can make serious progress when you first start playing Dota 2.

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