The 1980s meet the 2020s: Retro Games in a Modern Tech World

Online casinos are bringing the forces of classic slot machine games with modern Bitcoin technology for payment in 21st style.

If you take a look into a book about the 1980s, you’ll find pictures of massive shoulder pads, aerobic spandex suits, new age synth-pop bands with massive curly hair, and obviously retro games and arcades. The most popular SEGA slots came in the 1980s and all sorts of games were developed and popularized during the decade, when computer technology began to launch its way into people’s everyday life, before the big IT boom in the 1990s.

The popularity of retro games also impacted slot machines at casinos. These slot machines were already invented in manual form in 1891, but video games allowed the slot machines to develop into a digital world. The first video slot machine was introduced in Las Vegas in 1978, and since then the technology started to boom. You can read about the best video games of the 1980s here:

The video games allowed developers to expand the possibilities and advance the game design of slot machines. More progressive bonuses could be reached as the technology could handle more rows and had computer power to make more advanced calculations. This was both an advantage of the casinos, who could now program how likely it should be for a symbol to show up, and how much should potentially be paid out for each player. But it also allowed lawmakers to make strict rules of how much a minimum payout should be and enforce de mands on the design to benefit the players.

21st Century Evolutions

As casinos moved online in the 2000s the next step could be taken in the development of slot machines. On the computer, tablet, and mobile screens more reels started to show up on the slot machines, and the games could now be designed in even more advanced ways. The focus was increasing on graphics and sound design.

But the fundamental gaming in slot machines is still similar to the 1980’s video arcade games. At first sight, players might tend to feel that slot machines are similar and haven’t made massive progress over 40 years. At the end of the day, it’s still about placing a bet and press spin. But all elements of the game design have been improved and with small steps, the digital evolution has resulted in more advanced games with better designs.

Crypto Payment

The latest evolution is the introduction of Bitcoin payments. Bitcoin Casinos are one of the latest gambling trends, as it allows you to spend your Bitcoins at a wide range of casinos. You can visit to get an overview of the best Bitcoin casinos, read reviews of different casinos and understand more of the advantages of Bitcoin casinos.

Bitcoins have been a hot topic over the last decade, since the value of a single Bitcoin has increased from less than a dollar to over 67,000 dollars, when it was setting a record in November 2021. So eventually your wins can even increase if Bitcoin is rising in value. Bitcoin also became popular as it gave some anonymity to the players.

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