Four of the most popular SEGA slots

Sega has been synonymous with a wide variety of ventures since its initial inception in the year 1960. The company is already nearing its 78th anniversary and has been a pioneer in the video gaming and entertainment industry. Sega is responsible for bringing us the Gamepad, Genesis, Saturn and the Dreamcast systems as well as a countless number of video games.

Today the company is known worldwide as a multinational video game developer with offices all around the globe. Their game Sonic the Hedgehog had almost a cult following and currently holds 7 different Guinness World Records. Some of these records include the “Longest Running Comic Based On A Video Game”, “Best Selling Retro Game Compilation” and a “Best Selling Game on Sega Systems”. If you are looking to play more of such games, then be sure to head over to The online gambling site contains a wide variety of online gambling games. Sega has also paved its way into making casino games. In this post we will look at the 4 most popular Sega slot over the years:

1. Pachinko – SG-1000

Many people are unaware of the fact that the SG-1000 was the first commercial home video game console that was released in Japan in the year 1983 while Master System was the first Sega to be released outside of Japan. While the SG-1000 isn’t known to have a huge library compared to other consoles in the market that time like the Atari 2600 or the Magnavox Odyssey, it did have some Pachinko or Pinball games as we call it. The game was on store shelves for quite some time before it was pulled out due to a game breaking bug in the game.

Pushing an update for the game in in the 1980’s wasn’t feasible for the company and Sega went for a complete recall of the SG-1000. Sega still managed to correct the bugs within the game and released the SG-1000 back again but this time in a sequel called the Pachinko II.

The updated game was a massive hit among gamers and came with a simple game interface that was easy to use.

2. Casino Games – Master System

The Master System was released in the US in the year 1986 shortly after the release of the SG-1000 but it still took many years before a poker game actually came into the fray. Casino Games finally paved its way into the mainstream in 1989 and contained a host of video games like baccarat, slot machines, pinball table, and blackjack. The betting came simply here where players could start out with a $500 bets and a minimum of $100 bets. As one progressed through the game, this could be worked to the tune of almost $100,000 bets. If you could raise a million dollars here, you could eventually just buy the whole place out.

Casino Games received a review of 57 percent from the public with many undermining its quality for lacking significant variety. However, the reviews came, Casino Games was an instant hit among casino gamers who used the medium for occasional gaming.

3. Poker Face Paul – Game Gear

Poker Face Paul was released in 1994 on the Game Gear platform bringing along an assortment of poker related games to handheld devices of Sega. The company riding on the success of Casino Games had to deliver big and big they did deliver. Fans awaiting an upgrade from Casino Games were very much over the moon with the introduction of Poker Face Paul. The game was released in several different packs and included a variety of games including Gin Poker, Solitaire, and Blackjack. Even after a lot of anticipation regarding the game, the critical reviews for Poker Face Paul faced much flak from expert gamers Like GamePro who reviewed it as a series containing not so good graphics and a disappointing background score asking other gamers to opt for a deck of cards instead of the game. Poker Face Paul still went on to manage decent sales for itself. Although not a popular gaming series, the game was pretty much a staple of European and American homes.

4. Caesar’s Palace – Genesis

The ’90s were a time of licensed video games with practically every other video game developer jumping in the race. Sega was not to be left behind and came with innovative games in the Genesis roster like Buster Douglas, Evander Holyfield, Arnold Palmer, Bill Walsh and Joe Montana. One of the titles on this roster was Caesar’s Palace. The casino gaming series included a wide variety of games like Red Dog, slot machines, video poker, blackjack, keno and even horse racing. The game was a dramatic hit amongst gamblers. One good addition that set it apart from every other game was the ability to buy scratch-off tickets for $100. Players also were given the option of talking with NPC’s who would offer tips and insight to win the game.

Sega hasn’t been much involved in releasing casino gaming series and involved themselves in the video gaming venture delivering hits like Contra, Football Manager, Crazy Taxi etc. Fans, however, can expect a casino game anytime soon from Sega as there have been recent talks of reviving the Poker Paul Series again.

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