Must-Buy Gifts For Poker Players


Everyone knows a loved one who enjoys a game of poker, but for those who are not familiar with the game, it may be tough looking for a related gift. If you are stumped, look no further, we have curated some great gift ideas for the poker player in your life. The good thing about poker is that it is a game for everyone, so these presents are meant for anyone who loves playing!

Poker Playbooks

In this game of strategy, most players strive to work on their poker skills. It would be really useful for most bookworms to be equipped with a manual or book with tips and theories by well-known professional players. Getting some insight into the brilliant minds of poker and would make a difference to the way they play. You could start with Theory Of Poker by David Sklansky, it was written in 1978 but still remains a classic to this day. The book goes through basic concepts and theories that most poker players need and develops critical thinking skills that help players make the smartest move. Play Optimal Poker by Andrew Bokos would be great for more sophisticated players. While it requires more practice as Bokos covers complex concepts, cutting edge theories and psychological tactics, it will surely give the reader an edge.

Various Poker Sets

Most avid players may probably already have their own set of poker chips and cards, but there are a ton of types of sets for just about anyone. Here are a few for you to choose from.

If they are just starting out, standard poker sets are the perfect gift! They are fairly easy to find from any poker shop. We would recommend getting a set from recognised brands such as PokerStars or World Series of Poker. These are classics must-haves for any poker enthusiast.

For people who would appreciate the aesthetics of cards, you might want to look for artists who have special intricately designed poker chips or cards. They can be easily found on sites like Etsy selling a ton of different designs and art styles. You could get themed sets from their favourite movie, or popular character. For a more personal touch, you could splurge a little by requesting custom sets by printing words or even pictures onto poker chips. The possibilities are endless! Additionally, you could also sponsor a couple of rounds on online poker for them. If you need a recommendation, I like a lot of the online choices for poker sites here.

Build Your Own Poker Table

With most of us staying at home more because of the global pandemic,  we have heard complaints from restless players who miss going to the casino. A felt poker table could be really helpful if they enjoy having guests and friends over to play as it would simulate the vibe of playing in a real casino with green felt tops and a place to put cards and chips. The prices for standard tables can range from $44 to $260 on Amazon or any poker store! While this is a pretty large gift, it would definitely be useful for frequent poker players. If you are looking for something special and are willing to put your hands to work, you could even build a poker table with stuff you can find at your local hardware store. It is a fairly uncomplicated process, you could even spend quality time and build the table together!

Poker Cardholder

For a special gift that does not require DIY skills, you could get a poker deck holder from eBay. They are handmade and of great quality, we love the handmade silver ones from Sterlingwerx as they are unique and durable too, definitely worth the $99 price tag. If they are fans of a particular poker brand, try opting for a cardholder from them, they are much more inexpensive and would probably match their cards.

Automated Card Shuffler

Ever dropped a deck of cards while shuffling? Save them embarrassment with an automatic shuffler. While shuffling is a honed essential skill when it comes to playing poker, it is still one of the things that most people dread most because it is time-consuming and tedious. This pain point can easily be addressed with an automatic shuffler, this machine can be powered by hand or batteries. There are loads of different shufflers out there, some can even shuffle more than one deck!

Poker Chip Coasters

Everybody enjoys an ice-cold glass of Whiskey or juice alongside a game of poker, so why not get some matching drink coasters for the occasion? These coasters not only add some fun cohesiveness to any poker table but can also prevent their tables from staining. We recommend getting cork ones, they are affordable and reusable presents that a poker player would appreciate.

Poker Themed Apparel

There are a ton of clothing and accessories that are related to the popular game, while the market is saturated with tacky items, there are a few diamonds in the rough. Here are a few brands we personally like!

RunGoodGear is a trendy label for poker clothes, selling wearables such as shirts to hoodies ranging from $20-$75! They are a significant brand in the community, being featured by ESPN and poker celebrities ever since they were founded in 2012.

For accessory lovers, the No Mercy Making collection consists of poker jewellery for affordable prices. Influential poker player Isabelle Mercier handmakes the poker bling and comes packaged in a gift bag and dated authenticity card too. We love the Ace of Heart Steel Rings and Poker Steel Bottle Opener. Whoever gets their hands on these will definitely be a winner in their own right


There are a bunch of present ideas for just about any poker player out there, whether they are a bookworm, handyman or fashionista, this list contains gifts apt for almost any type of person. The best part is that most of them can be found online as well as in stores. Show love and appreciation to the poker player in your life with our recommendations, curated to fit almost any occasion, with a range of price points for you to choose from based on your budget. We are willing to bet that the next poker night at their house would be a blast!

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