The Ideal Angel Creatures In MTG That Must Be In Your Collection

Magic the Gathering has a wide variety of creatures with different mechanics and abilities. There are angels that fit nearly any player’s play style. For players new to this game, it can be tough to sort through all the cards available to build the perfect deck with only one collection, so here are some cards of angels you NEED!

1. Exquisite Archangel

The first card is called Exquisite Archangel. This angel has flying, Vigilance, and First Strike. These are all positive abilities that will keep your opponent on their guard when attacking with her. She also has 5 life gained upon entry, which helps against aggressive decks, but the real fun starts with her ability to enter the battlefield as a copy of any permanent you control except for Exquisite Archangel herself! This allows infinite possibilities for what you can do with her.  She is truly elegant in design and strategy. As if that was not enough, she also regenerates for 5 points at the start of each turn! This is one of the best angel MTG cards to collect, and it should be in your collection because it will make for an excellent addition to any deck. You can find it

online or search some websites to see if they have it and consult with your friends—you can even find it together!

2.Emeria Shepherd

The second card is called Emeria Shepherd. This angel has Flying, Vigilance, and First Strike, allowing for some fast attacks on your opponent’s life points. She also has landfall which allows you to put a basic land onto the battlefield tapped by playing a land that would normally produce one mana of any color! So if you need that blue mana over there to cast your Cryptic Command or Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, then just drop an Island and give her a whirl! Not only does she have vigilance, letting her block as well as attack, but she also brings others with her as tokens to fight for their lives too! The next time someone tells you that angels in MTG are not strong, show them the light by hitting them with this Shepherd of Land. It can also bring one character back from the graveyard. Talk about a guardian angel!

3.Subjugator Angel

The third card is called Subjugator Angel. This angel has Flying, First Strike, and Lifelink. These abilities make her a sheer force to be reckoned with when attacking or defending against your opponent’s creatures. Her Lifelink ability causes damage dealt to an opponent from attackers to be redistributed at the beginning of your next turn, while also gaining life equal to that amount! Defensively, she has Hexproof, so you cannot target her with spells or abilities while allowing all other angels you control to get +1/+1 until end of turn whenever you cast a spell! Now, this is what we call an angelic daughter protecting her motherland on both fronts with offensive and defensive tactics. You definitely need this character in your deck!

4. Archangel Of Tithes

The fourth card is called Archangel Of Tithes. This angel has Flying, Vigilance, and First Strike, allowing for some fast attacks on your opponent’s life points. She also has TAP abilities that affect each opponent! Whenever a player taps a land for mana, it causes the target opponent to pay one mana or lose 1 life. When players cast non-creature spells, she makes them pay X, where X is the number of creatures you control with power greater than the spell’s cost! You can see how she alters each opponent differently, creating pressure at every turn against the enemy! She warrants an immediate collection if angels are your cup of tea in MTG or any angel strategy for that matter.

5. Angel Of Destiny

The fifth card is called Angel Of Destiny. This angel has Flying, First Strike, and Vigilance, allowing for some fast attacks on your opponent’s life points. She also comes into play with 4 +1/+1 counters that can be placed on any number of creatures you control once she enters the battlefield! If an attacking creature with one of these +1/+1 counters leaves play before the end of the turn, you can return it to your hand at the beginning of the next end step! This is a guardian angel that is able to protect herself from her enemies by putting counters on herself, while also doing so defensively if need be! To add icing to the cake,  she has Flash, meaning she can be cast at any time you have sufficient mana, so you are always prepared for any enemy attacks or spells! This angel is one to watch out for, especially with the +1/+1 counters.

6. Angelic Skirmisher

The sixth card is called Angelic Skirmisher. This angel has Flying, Vigilance, and Double Strike allowing for some fast attacks on your opponent’s life points. She also gives your creatures in that attack with her Lifelink until the end of the turn! That means you gain life equal to the damage dealt, even when she deals no damage herself. Her Flash lets you cast her at any time, making sure you are prepared for any enemy spells or creatures attacking you unexpectedly. To make things sweeter, she has Flanking which causes a tapped creature without flanking to be assigned as an attacker only if another targetable creature is also assigned to be attacked, either by choice or because it was the only legal target. Those who want a powerful angel on the battlefield should not even think twice about adding this character to their deck roster.

7. Angelic Arbiter

The seventh card is called Angelic Arbiter. This angel has Flying, Vigilance, and First Strike, allowing for some fast attacks on your opponent’s life points. She also prevents creatures without flying from attacking you! That means all your angels are safe from being attacked to the ground by evil creatures that have no wings or sturdier types of allies! This is a very rare and powerful angel which can help dominate the battlefield with your creatures that fly. The higher the creature’s power, the more likely this angel becomes a target for removal spells, since she is a big threat to your enemies! You will need methods of protection from enemy removals in order to keep her around on the battlefield as long as possible if you intend to use her to full potential.

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