Review: Crazy Time (Casino Title)

Crazy Time is an online casino game developed by Evolution Gaming. If you’re a fan of prize wheel type of games that reached the peak of their popularity in the 80s and 90s, this will feel right at home. But what makes this particular casino title unique? Keep on reading and you’ll find out!

The origins

Thematically, Crazy Time was inspired by the old Wheel of Fortune games that were popular on TV at the time. While some parts of the wheel pay out more than others, the player has the same odds of hitting each portion.

To spice things up, Crazy Time introduces different bonuses as well as minigames and multipliers. With a very low minimum bet (in most currencies, this will be well under the equivalent of a dollar), this game has a very low barrier to entry, thus making it suitable for any budget.

Numbered sections explained

When you play Crazy Time, you will notice that it has 54 different sections and that certain numbers are repeated (some more than others). This is to adjust the frequency of big payouts – as you can imagine, you will get the lower prizes more commonly than you will get the higher ones.

In concrete terms, you will encounter:

21 x 1

13 x 2

7 x 5

4 x 10

4 x Coin Flip

2 x Pachinko

2 x Cash Hunt

1 x Crazy Time

These are easy to understand: in case the wheel stops on five, for example, you will get five times your bet. And if it stops on any of the special ones such as Cash Hunt, you will be able to play the bonus minigame. Not only are these fun, they can also be a source of lucrative prizes and payouts.

The bonus minigames

Crazy Time features a grand total of 4 minigames:

Bonus game #1: Cash Hunt

This game mode is all about massive multipliers. As you play, you will be asked to shoot your cannon at the symbol that you believe hides the largest of them all. Make the shot and your multiplier will be revealed. Note that multiple players can participate and everyone can get a different result.

Bonus game #2: Coin Flip

As the name implies, this minigame involves making a coin flip that has two sides – the red one and the blue one. The multiplier that you unlock is determined by which side the coin lands on. The sequence is automatic and requires no additional decision-making on your end.

Bonus game #3: Pachinko

If you’ve ever been to the land of the rising sun, you will know that Pachinko is a term that originates from the Japanese culture. In essence, it features a wall with pegs on it. As the puck is dropped into the wall, the players who placed a bet will unlock the appropriate-sized multiplier based on where the puck lands.

Bonus game #4: Crazy Time

While you are the least likely to unlock it out of all these, Crazy Time can be absolutely jaw-dropping. When you finally do, you will enter a virtual room with a gigantic wheel of fortune. From here on out, you will be presented with a choice – you can either go with a blue, yellow, or green flapper. Then, all you need to do is to lean back and see what it ends up pointing to. This can either be a fixed multiplier or a special ‘double’ or ‘triple’ segment that can trigger a re-spin and lead you to even greater multipliers that stack on top of each other.


Crazy Time has a virtually non-existent barrier to entry and it does not shy away from bombarding you with a flashy experience full of fancy graphics and special effects. When all you’re looking for is an action-paced game to take out the stress of the day, you can’t go wrong.

Photo source: Pixabay.com

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