The Best Way to Choose Online Slots

Many people wonder how to choose the best slot machine and make the right choice without failing. Unfortunately, there are no general rules that work for all in 100% of cases. Personal preference plays a key role when choosing a slot. Game themes, visuals, sounds, number of reels, and pay lines – all these vary greatly. Some players may vote for one-armed bandits with a set of 3 reels, while others may give preference to more advanced slot machines.

In addition to this, there are a number of other characteristics that differentiate the best online slots like NetEnt casino gaming from the usual ones. This review will focus on the features of modern online slots, their varieties, bonuses, as well as jackpots that can be won by playing the best online slots.

Where to Start When Choosing Slots?

The first thing to check when choosing slots is to determine how many reels the gaming machine consists of. In most cases, there are 3- and 5-reel slot machines, but there are also slots with a greater number of reels. After that, you should choose the theme of the game. Today, manufacturers offer a wide choice of gaming options: from fruit classics to the latest novelties in cinematography and animation. However, the most important criterion is that you should feel comfortable when playing the game. Otherwise, you will hardly enjoy the process and will be able to hit the grand prize.

Slots Classification

It is difficult to categorize slots into any specific types. The essence of the game is the same, but some features may vary slightly. For game classification, you can use the following factors:

  • Game type – There are a lot of them on the Internet – classic, 3D, progressive, video, bonus slot machines. However, it is video slots that are the most popular among the wide audience.
  • The number of reels – Different slots have a different number of reels. In the popular majority of online casinos, you can find standard “one-armed bandits” with three reels, as well as sophisticated slots with five or seven reels on the gaming field.
  • Paylines – Modern slot machines offer different numbers of pay lines. In old slots, there is only one winning line – the central one, but in advanced gaming machines, there may even be five or seven pay lines. What is more, you can even adjust their number yourself in the game settings of the machine.
  • Loose – This is a subjective assessment; one might even say that it is a superstition about how often you can win in a particular slot. Successful slots are called “loose,” whereas the machines that are difficult to win are considered “tight.”
  • Return to the player – It is also called an RTP. This is an objective factor in setting the game for a low or high return on investment. This percentage determines your winning odds. So, the higher it is, the more likely you are to hit the grand prize.

Slot Bonuses

Another essential thing to pay attention to when choosing slots is the availability of bonuses that can play a decisive role because they can improve the RTP indicator. Some games have rounds of skill bonuses, which can significantly increase the player’s chances. Besides that, there are many games that come with special bonus symbols (wilds, scatters) and multipliers. These are aimed at making the game more exciting and unpredictable.

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