How to run The Blockheads on Windows 10

Are you a Minecraft fan? If yes, chances are you’ll love the Blockheads game too. It takes the same block sandbox premise as the highly popular game by Mojang. The game’s creators, Majic Jungle, have added their own twists as well.

The creators realize that most people would be playing the game on their phones, so the changes they’ve incorporated are platform-based. In other words, it’s more mobile-friendly. Nevertheless, that’s not to say you can’t play it on PC or enjoy some fun playing at cosmo casino nz.

This article will talk about all the ways the Blockheads is a game worth playing and how you can play it on Windows too, in addition to mobile.

Similarities with Minecraft

So it’s clear that the Blockheads game has similarities to Minecraft if it’s not a complete clone. The similarities are right there in the game’s description with the words explore, mine, and build.

What you do in the game is remarkably similar to Minecraft. You basically improve the sandbox you live in by building and gathering tools. The core concept may seem the same.

Other similarities, which may not be by design, include the fact that the game puts you in complete control. There’s just so much that you do and that too effortlessly that you’re bound to feel in power.

Difference Between The Blockheads and Minecraft

Obviously, the game isn’t simply a clone of Minecraft, as you’ll find out once you play it. The major difference between the two is that the Blockheads has the touch controls just perfect. As the makers of the game have focused on the mobile platform, they’ve ensured there’s no clumsiness in the touch controls.

It’s really easy to move in any direction on your mobile screen. If that doesn’t distinguish it from Minecraft, it sure does from the many other clones.

Another major difference is in its storyline. While the concept is pretty much similar, they’ve added another layer of player happiness into the mix. Your blockheads need to be happy so as to increase productivity. It’s not a new concept altogether but one that increases player engagement.

Time crystals also make it starkly different from Minecraft. You get to move fast with more time crystals, building more stuff in your sandbox. There are spread throughout the game to suit players who like to do things fast.

Your blockhead’s avatar also gets affected by sleep and environmental factors. So it requires a commitment to ensure they are doing ok, much like how it worked in The Sims. This angle can bring in even the most casual of players and engage them into spending more time on the game.

For a Minecraft fan, these differences would make the Blockheads more interesting and not just another copy. For those who haven’t played Minecraft, the whole game would be a different experience.


As you can guess by now, the Blockheads is a fantastic game filled with different angles that increase your interest as you explore sprawling caverns and tall cliffs. If it does miss out on something, it’s the community spirit.

They have introduced the Game Center multiplayer mode with voice chat enabled. However, it hasn’t achieved the same level Minecraft did.

You can send out two-member expeditions to explore the many worlds within the Blockheads universe, but as far as multiplayer action goes, the game needs improvements. If you’ve played any of the other Minecraft-like games with your friends, you may not like the team action on this one so much.

Another glaring limitation is that it doesn’t offer a desktop version, which is something that was a big part of the Minecraft world as many players played the game on Windows or Mac.

How to Play The Blockheads on PC?

So we know that the Blockheads isn’t available for PC like Minecraft. However, that’s not the end of it, as you can still play this ambitious game using an Android emulator.

The emulator basically creates an Android environment with the PC, and you can download the Blockheads onto Windows.

You can download and install the Bluestacks emulator, which is one of the best emulators for playing Android games on a PC. It’s fast, reliable, and supports high-quality graphics as well. So it would be perfect for playing The Blockheads.

Once you’ve download and installed the emulator, launch it. Double-click on Google Play Store in the emulator and search for The Blockheads. You may be asked to log in to your Google account first.

If for any reason you cannot find the game there, you can download the APK file off the internet directly onto Windows desktop. Then drag and drop it onto the desktop of your emulator window.

Wrap Up

The Blockheads has many similarities with Minecraft but it’s essentially a standalone game with its own qualities. Anyone who likes explorative games would love playing this one and creating the world around their blockheads (yes, that’s right, you can have multiple blockheads).

Even though the company hasn’t made a version for Windows, it’s still possible to play it on PC using an Android emulator.

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