Looking Back at the Best Sega Genesis Games of All Time

Sega has been a much-beloved name in the video game industry since its inception. The company practically transformed video games into a household commodity and made them popular among the masses. Sega has released several lines of video games over the last few decades, and each of them has brought unique features to the table. The games have been an instant hit among video game enthusiasts, and even with a hoard of technologically advanced games these days, gamers have not stopped exploring Sega.

From a variety of casino games that can be played on the consoles to games with more compelling narratives, Sega has always shown what it is capable of in bringing fresh changes to the video game industry. In fact, some games found on ajcf.org and other sites are modeled on these SEGA games. That said, in this article, we shall talk about some of the best Sega Genesis games of all time and also shed some light on how far this company has come since its early years.

Sega Genesis: A Brief History

Sega Genesis is a beloved name in the video game industry and has been instrumental in bringing fresh changes to the industry. It was first released in Japan in 1988 and has grown in popularity ever since. And even though we have better games with great graphics and storytelling, the Sega Genesis games shall always find a spot in the history of console gaming. The 1990s were a glorious phase for Sega Genesis, and one of its primary competitors was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The latter, too, was a great video game developer, and while competing with the SNES to acquire a decent share of the market, the Sega Genesis produced some great games of the decade. Now that we have discussed a bit about the history of the Sega Genesis, let us look at a few of the best games that the company produced over the years.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles, 1994:

Sonic, the Hedgehog, was more than just Sega’s mascot. It defined an entire generation of console gaming and broke grounds with its fresh ideas of incorporating music, design and compelling gameplay. This game, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, was also quite a revelation when it first released and caused quite a storm in the domain of technology. The gameplay was interesting and allowed gamers to stack two games. They could play Sonic the Hedgehog 3 as well as Sonic & Knuckles. Plus, players even had the opportunity to stack Sonic 2 and Sonic & Knuckles, which was a technological marvel at that point in time.

Gunstar Heroes, 1993:

The second game that we should pay attention to is Gunstar Heroes that was released in 1993. This game was an arcade-style game with elements of shooting. The game turned many heads as it was quite a progress in the gaming world back when it had released. The narrative of the game demanded one or two players to use different weapons and move up the seven levels. These levels also saw the use of a lot of special effects and simulated the arcade gaming environment.

OutRun, 1991:

OutRun was also one of those many games that the Sega Genesis hosted and with much gusto. This was also an arcade-style game and perhaps one of the earliest racing games which had 3D graphics. Such graphics were not much popular back when it was released, and that is what contributed to the wild popularity of the game. The creator of the game said that he was inspired by the movie Cannonball Run to develop this game.

Aladdin 1993:

Most of you born in the 80s and 90s might remember this since Sega Genesis’s Aladdin had a massive following back in the times. Aladdin is the best-known games in Disney games released by Sega Genesis. The game not only had visually striking gameplay but also had several amazing features like music, icons and some extra layers of adventure. The story of the game was similar to the film and, therefore, made the game extremely popular with the fans of the movie since they could determine the course of their favorite protagonists’ lives. The game was also more difficult to play than the others on the list and thus, drew many people towards it.

Wrapping Up:

These were some of the best games that Sega Genesis ever produced over its lifespan. Technology has evolved, and we have access to better games these days. However, Sega must always be credited rightfully for making video games and gaming consoles a household affair. Sega games changed the landscape of the video gaming industry and paved the way for more talented developers and game companies to penetrate the industry. Therefore, while you start playing that brand new game that you just got your hands on, reflect on these beautiful video games that were once wildly popular among the masses.

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