8 Essential Guidelines for Throwing a Successful Retro Party

Parties are always a source of fun and a way to unwind after a stressful day or week. But sometimes, we want to go further back and relive some of the eras behind us. Retro parties are fun to plan and participate in.

They remind people of what used to be, namely the traditions, cultures, and memories. Dressing up and some old-fashioned drinking makes it a perfect party. Here are some helpful tips for throwing your dream retro party.

Pick Your Theme

The past is rich in themes depending on what era you look into. There are significant differences between people from different decades used to dress, to listen to and even games they used to play. You can pick a theme from the ’90s, 80’s, 70’s, 60’s and 50’s or even go further and bring back the 20’s. Once you settle on the theme, you can start working on the party.

Have Era Appropriate Decorations

Your party decorations are what create the atmosphere for the theme. They will create the vintage vibe that you want from your party. For example, if you pick the seventies or eighties disco themes, you can have the guests dance under a disco ball and even set up an LED floor to make them truly appreciate the period.

Include an Era Appropriate Dress Code

Costumes make parties authentic. Having a dress code for your retro party should be a requirement. It wouldn’t make sense if some people came wearing sweatpants while others are fully dressed up in the 90’s neon outfits. Your guests will have the opportunity to get out of their comfort zones and find retro outfits that they love.

Furthermore, anyone can find retro clothes for cheap at various vintage stores. There will be no need to spend a lot on retro boutiques. Some people can even find suits and dresses that their parents or grandparents used to wear that fit them. Some parents were quite fashionable, and so there might be some suitable attires they can pass down.

When you have a costume party, there should be a reward for the best costume. It will serve as encouragement for people to commit to dressing up.

Plan the Activities

“What if I need to do my homework on the party day?” Well, proper planning is vital. Complete your assignments early, then focus on the activities of the event. Consider actions such as dancing and arcade games. Also, find some drinking games that used to be played in some of these eras. You can even have skating depending on your theme.

Serve Retro Party Food

A vintage menu for a vintage party. Depending on how much of a budget you have, you can prepare the food yourself and with friends or hire professionals because of the size of the gathering. There are different foods to prepare for different eras. For example, a 60’s party would go well with prawn cocktails, pork pies, fondue and onion dip, and others. An 80’s party should have something like Sloppy joes, club sandwiches, cocktail sausages, and flavored crisps. Pizza has been around since the 1900s, and so it is a versatile choice to complement any other items you serve.

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