Four of our favorite 90s-themed casino games

Casino gaming, at least the online variety, is often considered to be a phenomenon of the last decade. While it is true that online casinos have only really hit the mainstream in the smartphone age, it might surprise some to learn that the very first one actually appeared in 1994, slap bang in the middle of the SEGA era. 

Today, the games tend to either be super-modern slots or super-traditional table games. However, there are some that walk the tightrope between the two. Here, we explore some casino games that hark back to the decade when people first started to explore the world wide web.  

Jurassic Park  

It was the movie franchise that defined a decade, with two entries in the box office top-eight for the 1990s. A quarter of a century later, Jurassic Park is one of the most popular slot games of them all. This crowd-pleaser from Microgaming does more than just use dinosaur symbols on the reels. Five reels and 243 paylines mean the rewards come thick and fast. Medium volatility and a low minimum stake make this a good slot for the casual or novice slot gamer.  

Live Blackjack 

Who’s the best 007? It’s a question that is often debated, but for the SEGA generation, there is only one answer – Timothy Dalton is the Bond featured in Domark’s 1993 Genesis Game The Duel, and one of his finest moments was in Licence to Kill, when he took villain Franz Sanchez for a quarter of a million in his own casino. The game was blackjack, and today, it remains the most popular of all the online casino table games. You might not win as much as Bond, but if you learn your basic strategy, you stand a better chance of beating the house at blackjack than you would at most slot games.  

Guns n Roses 

So much for the movies, what about the sounds of the SEGA era? Guns n Roses shot to fame in the late 80s and dominated the rock scene until the first of many break-ups and changes of line-up in the mid-90s. The Guns n Roses slot game takes you right back to those glory years. The graphics and effects are impressive, the Appetite for Destruction bonus adds an interesting extra angle, and of course, the soundtrack takes you straight to Paradise City! 

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior 

Of course, for gamers there is one thing that’s even more 90s than all the above combined. Street Fighter II was the most popular game from the first half of the decade, appearing on the SEGA Saturn, Genesis and just about every other console or hand-held you can name. Its influence can still be felt today, and last year, the slot version was arguably the most talked-about new release in casino gaming. Combining real money gaming with 90s-style arcade action is a match made in heaven, and Netent has done a great job of bringing Street Fighter into the 2020s without sacrificing that 1990s feel.  

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