The 10 Best Video Game Movies of All Time

Could it be possible that you need a break from gaming? It happens. We all get tired of our favorite activities from time to time. We need space for something else before we can go back to gaming, stronger than ever before. But what do you do during that break?

Here’s a suggestion: watch movies inspired by video games! I know … the first thought that comes to mind is the Street Fighter movie from 1994, and it’s not exactly a happy thought. That movie is terrible. But it’s not a standard for video game movies. There are good ones, too. 

We’ll list 10 great films inspired by video games. They will help you maintain your passion for gaming when taking a break from it. 

Top 10 Films Inspired by Video Games

  1. Assassin’s Creed (2016)

This movie worked because it didn’t approach the concept as a straightforward game adaptation. It tells an original story with Michael Fassbender in the main role. Jeremy Irons and Marion Cotillard are part of the acting team, too, so the movie cannot be bad. 

The soundtrack is impressive. Fans like it so much that they use an M4A to MP3 converter to include it in their playlists. 

  1. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010) 

Well… it’s not that bad. The game itself had an adventurous story, which couldn’t be conveyed in a different way on screen. The actors are good (Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Kingsley, and Gemma Arterton). It’s a nice movie to watch during a relaxed family night.    

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)

This movie has the right dose of humor for a Sunday afternoon. Even if Sonic is a video game character from your childhood and you no longer play that game, there are high chances that you’ll like how the movie is done. With Jim Carrey in one of the main roles, a comedy cannot go wrong. 

  1. Pokemon Detective Pikachu (2019)

Since we mentioned Sonic the Hedgehog, we have to include this one, too. It has the right dose of funny, the right amount of bizarre, and the right spice up of silliness. Ryan Reynolds is phenomenal, as usual. 

If you want to see a movie that really makes you laugh, this is the one. It makes you want to go back to old-school video games, which had heart and character.

  1. Tomb Raider (2018)

Alicia Vikander is a much better Lara Kroft than Angelina Jolie. There, I said it. Angeline was too serious and too much “herself” in that role. Vicander, on the other hand, perfectly grasps Lara’s vulnerability and strength. 

The movie doesn’t directly pull the story from the games. It has its own story, which bursts with action and thrill. 

  1. Warcraft (2016)

The mega-hit World of Warcraft seems incredibly difficult to capture on film. Duncan Jones, the director of Moon, accepted the challenge. He limited the movie’s story to the original game’s events. 

The war between humans and orcs is impressively conveyed in the movie. Some of the characters have a silly appearance, which downgrades the quality of the movie. But it’s still fun to watch.  

  1. Doom (2005)

This is a classic video game movie with a special twist: some scenes are filmed in first-person shooter mode. It’s a classic scene in a video game, but we rarely see it literally translated in films. The Rock plays the lead role, so that should be enough to catch your interest. 

  1. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)

Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi, Donald Sutherland, and several other Hollywood stars borrowed their voices for the animated characters. It’s one of the few video game movies that really work. The plot stays true to the game. The animations are impressive, and the adventure level is on-point. 

  1. Rampage (2018)

How about watching The Rock in the lead of another video game movie? The story is a classic: a dangerous virus infects animals, and they start destroying Chicago. A primatologist aims to save the world with the help of his team of geneticists. 

  1. Far Cry (2008)

Til Schweiger is an excellent action star. This movie has a lousy rating on IMDB (only 3.1). But if you don’t have anything else to watch, it might meet your needs for relaxation and thrill. The sci-fi story easily flows, so the movie won’t require too much focus. 

Ready for a Movie Night?

When we recommend video game movies, we’re not talking about abstract, artsy films that make you think for hours after watching them. With this genre, it’s all about fun and adventure. All 10 selections above are great. Make your list and start watching them!

By James Dorian
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