Favourite Sega Games Of All Time

Sega has been one of the most successful series of games of all time and although they have stepped off the gas in recent times due to being overtaken by powerhouses of Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, they certainly were one of the industry leaders when it came to the development of the gaming industry. Today we look back at some of our favourite’s games from the Sega series.

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First of all, this list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention a Sonic game and our of our favourites was Sonic Mania Plus. This was the definition of how to perfect a 2D platform experience under the platform of Sonic. Full of different levels and stories to be played as well as different characters and outfits, there is no wonder why this is on our list of best ever Sega games of all time.

Next up on the list of one of our favourites has got to be Super Monkey Ball 2 which changed the puzzled platform game forever as it added a racing twist on it. This is the kind of game that Sega have always nailed with ensuring that it can be played as family fun for everyone. Whilst the first episode of this game was a slight disappointment, but Super Monkey Ball 2 was the pinnacle of this series.

Another fun and whacky game that Sega brought out that we have found ourselves playing hours of our gaming life on was Crazy Taxi. This bizarre and strange concept of being a taxi driver certainly took off when it was initially released. It had huge success as it was the first game that gave us that GTA feel of being able to roam around the map without really doing anything. Who’d have thought that being a taxi driver could be so fun?

And finally, Sega Rally Championship was the first racing game produced by Sega that revolutionised there racing games forever. Sega Rally Championship had some of the most realistic gameplay of its time for a racing game and was therefore one of the most popular when released. You can still find versions of this game in arcades today.

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