The 7 Weirdest Sega Games of All Time

Description: Sega has been the star in the gaming scene for decades. Now, it is time to recall some of the most unique, interesting, and weird games the company developed. 

Back in the late 1980s, Sega was the top of the world with its new console, the Genesis, and new games to play. Up until the late 1990s. Sega games have been among the most popular games in the world. It is the legacy that should not be forgotten. We are here to show our respect to the wildest, weird, and fun Sega games that have existed. To be honest, the years Sega has been releasing its brilliant games have been the golden years in the history of gaming. Of course, many years later, new consoles have great games, with incredible visual effects, motion control, and all of that. But who can resist the nostalgia, side-scrolling, arcade-style games? Well, not us. Therefore, we present to you the 7 weirdest Sega games we have come across. Enjoy! 

Comix Zone (1995)

We have to admit that this side-scrolling ‘fight them’ style of gaming has arrived in Genesis quite late in comparison to the rest of the gaming industry. However, it was worth the wait. Any Sega fan is still highly appreciative of this game, which is now open for download for Android and iOS users. Back at its time, Comix Zone has surprised everyone with a number of things. First, it was fully colored, a rare thing back in those days. Second, what we love the most about it, it has cool frames styled like comic book pages. This gave the game a unique look. 

Landstalker (1993)

This game had one of the most interesting plots of its time. In the game, you play for an elf who is on a quest to gain a grander stature. You had to go through all kinds of adventures, games, puzzles, while also passing weird and mythical (often scary) creatures. In general, it was more puzzling and unique than weird. Though, the style of the game, along with the well-written plot and characters deserve its place in our list. This was the type of game that would make you stay up all night playing, asking friends, “can you write for me that paper? I’ll give you to play next time you visit”.

Mutant League Football (1993)

For all the sports lovers out there, Sega has come up with this oddball of a game. Mutant League Football is exactly what it sounds. It is a game of American football that is played by teams of monsters. There is a Mutant League which you play for. The game remains the basic idea of football, though, it adds enough brutality and weirdness to create its completely unique atmosphere of the game. 

Splatterhouse 3 (1993)

A rare horror game was introduced by Sega in 1993 and had immediately made a revolution with its unique plot and gaming style. Unlike other mindless fighting games, Splatterhouse 3 came with an interesting strategic plot. You play for a sort of monster guy who kills other real monsters. You also have to beat the boss until the time is up. But the house you are in is full of obstacles, monsters, and puzzles. Overall, it was quite an experience to ‘set your foot’ into that house. 

Bonanza Bros (1991)

This game deserves its place on our list for a number of reasons. First, it is unfair to leave it forgotten. It deserved the spotlight. Second, it was quite weird in terms of how it was approached by the marketing team and its inner humor. Not that many games at that time had such a nice comic gaming style. Though it didn’t offer anything particularly special in its plot, the comic side of the game has been quite a unique and nice touch. That made the game memorable and interesting to play.

Fire Pro Wrestling D (2001)

Fire Pro Wrestling D was not much known in the US, though it has gained huge popularity in Japan. Overall, it is exactly what it says in the title. It is a game about wrestling. You can choose from about 200 wrestlers to play for. It gives you a rather fun and odd experience of playing wrestling with American and Japanese wrestlers. 

ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron (1993)

As you can see, 1993 was quite a year for Sega games. Though, when speaking of weird, perhaps, ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron deserves the leading place on this list. This sequel to the ToeJam & Earl has made an interesting turn into the more psychedelic look of its environment. The side-scrolling style of the game guides you through the very colorful and odd planet. Frankly, the scenery on the planet could be even more fascinating than the plot of the game. However, the monsters like wayward earthlings have added a lot to this odd gaming experience as well. 

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