The rise of Virtual Sports Betting – 2020 Edition

The emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic forced a lot of stuff to change in 2020. Office environments became work from home overnight. Supermarkets had to restrict the amount of toilet paper people could buy because the herd mentality is probably the thing that will finally wipe the human race from the face of the planet. Now, we’re living in a period of great uncertainty, where no-one’s really quite sure what the rules are anymore and a lot of people are probably just at the point where if the apocalypse is going to come, they wish the damn thing would just hurry up already.

Fans of live music and sport have suffered quite a huge blow to their favorite pastimes in this virus-ridden globe. Back in March, everything was canceled, and though many sports have made a triumphant return, it’s all a bit different now. The Denver Broncos are filling their arenas with cardboard cut-outs of South Park characters. Wayne Rooney is self-isolating, and not just because he’s tired of people lobbing potatoes at him in the street. Gone are the days of roaring crowds and pumping adrenaline. Sure, matches are still going ahead as best as they can, but if you can’t shout at millionaires punting leather around a pitch with an inexplicably expensive pint of Budweiser in your hand, is there really a point to it in the first place?

Much like live sport itself, the exciting betting scene that enjoys a symbiotic relationship with it has adapted and changed to stay afloat in a new, socially distanced world. Whilst real matches were canceled left and right amidst fears of COVID outbreaks (and the inevitable challenge of socially distant football tackles) many betting sites started running simulated matches with popular annual sports titles. Madden is a particular favorite, with its extensive roster of players and rich potential for simulation and fantasy drafting.

Betting on these games is different for sure, but not quite as different as you might imagine. Statistics you might never have thought to bear in mind before are suddenly very important because everything gets exaggerated for the sake of the game. Most of your NFL knowledge will still be applicable, but don’t expect matches to play out the same way every time with the same combination of players. You’re basically rolling a massive handful of dice and hoping one of them makes you some money – except the dice have all been made by EA and charge your credit card every time you get them out of the box.

The virtual sport betting scene has persisted throughout the recommencement of regularly scheduled sport, probably in no small part due to the ease of access to sites like bestcasinosonlines. It’s reliable, too – everything feels kind of volatile at the moment and events are liable to be cancelled last minute. This can make betting a bit of a headache – even with your bets returned, it’s extra hassle that nobody really needs at the moment. It’s convenient, it’s reliable, and perhaps more enticingly, it’s not affected by those pesky human factors like injury, serious concussion, or troubling sex scandal. And if you’re worried about computers taking over, you’re probably already stocked up on enough toilet paper and canned goods to make a decent try of it in the post-apocalyptic wasteland we’ll be fleeing through before they stuff us all in weird gooey pods like The Matrix. Everyone’s a winner. Especially our new sports simulating robot overlords.

So how do you get started? Head on over to any respectable online bookie and they’ll probably have odds on digital versions of the world’s biggest teams duking it out. The industry is really throwing itself behind virtual sports betting, and as such there’s tons of incentives to get people invested in this exciting new trend – Sports Book Review in particular has a great list of bookies with brilliant welcome bonuses, along with a bunch of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it. There are already tons of resources out on the web to begin your virtual sport betting journey as efficiently as possible, and it looks like it might be sticking around for a while. As always – have fun, and happy betting!

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