7 Best Android sex games of 2020

Sex games aren’t just for a PC anymore. More and more of them are being created specifically for play on an Android device. Even if they’re not made for it, most of the new PC games have fully functional mobile apps that you can play wherever you want. Here are 7 of the best of them for Android.

7. Secrets: Game of Choices

If you like to make choices then this is a game that’s going to keep you playing for hours on end. You get to pick everything for a game that’s tailored to you and your desires. The game makes sure to give you all of the options that you could want. You can choose your attitude when faced with a chance to make your move or hold back. You can even pick your passion level as a woman when another girl leans in to give you your first lesbian kiss.

6. Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss is an online game that gets you in touch with a massive community of people who love to play spin the bottle. If you like to play online with real, live people then it’s one of the best sex games on the internet. You simply spin the bottle in your chat room and you’ll be face to face with someone that you can chat with or you can choose to spin it again and see what happens.

5. iPassion

If you’re part of a couple then you can spice up your love life with iPassion. You get a list of questions on your phone that only you can see. You answer them honestly and your partner takes over. They have to guess the answer that you gave correctly to get their points. It’s a really fun way to learn about each other and their sexy preferences.

4. Truth or Dare

We’ve all played truth or dare at some point and this is the best way to get that excitement back. You can play the game with your partner and have the kind of sexy fun that you used to. You’ll have to spin a bottle to choose truth or dare. When you land on dare, you’ll be given a sext task or roulette wheels that match an action to a body part. You can end up doing anything from kissing your partner’s hand to blowing on their lips and it only gets more fun from there.

3. Most Likely To

If you’re in the mood for some drinking then you can play Most Likely To with you friends. You’ll have to point your finger at your friends and pick which one is most likely to get friend zoned or betray a friend for a slice of cake. Just make sure you’re playing with really good friends.

2. Moe!

If it’s anime that you’re after, you can check out Moe! It’s filled with both ninjas and sexy action that you can both spy on and join in on. The artwork is great and you’ll be able to lose yourself in all of the drama that the game has to offer you. It’s a full sized game with a massive scale that lets you choose between manga, anima, and Japanese romance stories. There’s something for everyone and that’s always fun when you’re looking for a new game.

1. Drinktivity

The biggest problem with Drinktivity is that it can lead to group sex sessions between you and your friends. As long as you’re drinking, you’ll be tasked with actions like taking off your shirts or showing the last five photos from your phones. As long as you’re drinking, this is a game that can lead you down brand new paths of sex gaming.

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