How to Sell Your Video Games Online on Amazon

If you’ve got a bunch of used games lying around your house, you might be considering getting rid of them. As video game technology moves exponentially, our old consoles and favorite games are often forgotten and stored in boxes for years. One man’s trash is another treasure, and this definitely applies to video games.

Tons of gamers are seeking old video games either for nostalgic reasons or for collecting. Finding old games that are still in good condition can be challenging, and people are willing to pay good money for those that have no scratches or come with the original case and manual. If you have games that are still good quality, you should consider selling them instead of throwing them away, to make a bit of extra cash.

Where is the best place to sell your video games online?

While there are many only marketplaces where you can sell your video games, you can get the best price and reach the most people by selling on Amazon. Amazon will allow you to list your game on its platform, which currently boasts over 310 million active customers. While there is a science behind posting products successfully on Amazon, you can optimize your listing to get in front of potential buyers by using Amazon Seller Tools.

When preparing to sell your video games on Amazon, there are a few things you’ll need to do first.

Research the market for your games

Before listing your games on Amazon, it’s essential to see how much others are charging for the same game to price yourself accordingly. Check out the other listings on Amazon and read the product descriptions to identify the game’s quality. You will see all the used listings, and next to them, they will list the quality. It will either say acceptable, good or very good, which will indicate the standard you should price around.

Below the quality will be some information about what is included in the game. Here the seller will list if it comes in the original case and if it has the manual. Something to note is if a listing says “acceptable,” it almost always means that it is just the game disc, without the original case or manual. Also, look at the shipping costs for each game, which can boost the price up quite a bit if not included in the selling price.

Price your games

Once you’ve had a look at the other sellers offering the same game, you can begin to think about where yours fits on the spectrum. If your game is in perfect condition with no damage, and still comes with the manual, you can price it alongside those listed in very good condition. If there is any water damage on the case or scratches on the disc, then you can still list as good, provided the game still functions properly without skipping. When pricing your game, list it slightly below others of similar condition to yours. For example, if another seller lists their game at $19.99, list yours as $19.97.

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