How Chatbots are Being Used in the Gaming Industry

Chatbots are taking over just about every industry as a way to improve customer service, automate processes, and reduce resources required to keep up with consumer demand. Automation is the future, and it’s what consumers expect. The gaming industry is experiencing exponential growth, with people gaming via mobile apps, online gaming and gambling, local console gaming, and online console gaming.

Gamers expect immediate customer service when facing the inevitable technical problems that come with an industry based around tech. When something isn’t working correctly, they want an instant solution and become easily frustrated if they have to wait. People are increasingly busy, and if they have sat down ready to game, they want to game now.

Chatbots are the perfect solution to meet gamers’ expectations while also reducing the strain on the industry’s employees.

Where gamers go for support

Gamers who experience technical difficulties will turn to multiple channels for support. They might be experiencing a glitch, the server may have gone down, or they could have issues unlocking in-game features. Typically, gamers would come out of the game to contact the company via email, phone, or chat or head to an online forum to ask other gamers for support.

All these options are time-consuming and don’t provide instant solutions to their problems, so many have introduced in-game chatbots. There are some fantastic chatbot examples that showcase how companies have implemented the technology successfully.

In-game chatbots

By implementing in-game chatbots, players will no longer need to leave the game platform to get support. It also gives game companies more control over their consumers’ support, instead of them seeking answers via community forums and receiving improper information. Gaming companies want to keep their consumers engaged during gameplay, since the more engaged they are, the more they are invested in the experience. Giving them tools to find solutions to any problems they are having in-game will encourage gamers to keep playing.

Lower support costs

On top of the obvious benefits for gamers, gaming companies can use chatbots to lower their support costs. While there may still be questions that chatbots are not programmed to answer, in most cases, users will find what they need. That means fewer gamers will need to rely on customer service staff to answer their queries. With the demand on staff lessened, companies can lower their support costs, since chatbots don’t require a salary. While there will always be a need for support staff, you won’t need to employ people around the clock to handle customer inquiries. Chatbots run 24/7, and in the event that they cannot answer a question, the chatbot will let them know that someone will get back to them shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond in-game chatbots, an FAQ chatbot on the game’s website is also extremely helpful. Players may have questions before downloading the game or purchasing a subscription. They could also be out of the game, and wanting to find out some information quickly. Having an on-site FAQ chatbot, as well as an in-game, will ensure that gamers can access the information they need at any time, whether they are playing or not.

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