The Best Sega Arcade Racing Games Of Our Generation

Sega was one of the gaming consoles to come out in the 90’s that had any kind of success, in fact we’d go as far as saying that they are the king of the arcade game. Their first game was formed in the arcade, their best games were made in the arcade and they continue to make great arcades games today. One of their more popular genres of arcade games has been the racing sagas, and today we look into some of our favourites from over the years.

One of our first favourites was Sega Rally 3 due to its drastic improvements on it’s the original Sega Rally which was tipped fort its fantastic visuals and great game play for its era. Sega Rally 3 seriously improved on previously titles as the game looks deluxe as well as playing like a dream. Offering a crisp 60 frames per second and having two cabinets available, it really was the Rally game to have, especially if you has a 62” screen as you can see everything that Sega Rally 3 had to offer graphics wise.

Indy 500 was another one of the memorable racing games from back in the Sega arcade days; sporting eight car cockpits which all fully functions with moving and vibrating and connected up to eight large monitors really gave gamers like myself the fully Indy experience. Hours were spent on the three different tracks available, all varying in difficulty, but only draw backs to this game were that it was very similar to AM2.

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