Greatest Sega Games Of All Time

When it was launched in 1989, the Sega Genesis was the most incredible creation for gamers at the time. This gaming console featured many successful franchises like Mortal Kombat and Sonic, going toe-to-toe
with the popular SNES. While the SNES was no slouch in their array of games, SEGA was home to many exclusives like Altered Beast and Street Rage 2. Even better, it featured a unique subscription service known as the Sega Channel, which gave gamers rotating access to the best titles they featured.

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Best Sega Games in History

Sonic the Hedgehog 3
This definitive game shaped the future of Sega Genesis. Sonic’s third installation was undeniably the most entertaining in the series and also one of the greatest Sega Genesis games to ever exist. This 1994 game follows the story of Sonic and Tails, as they attempt to retrieve the chaos emerald to stop Doctor Robotnik from launching his spaceship, the Death Egg.

As the story unfolds, Sonic 3 introduces Knuckles the Echidna, who plays the role of the island guardian and lays a trap for Tails and Sonic. The gameplay is similar to other Sonic entries, with the players traversing different levels at high speeds.

Super Street Fighter II
This formative fighting game gave rise to one of the most notorious trends in the history of action games. Compared to its predecessor, Super Street Fighter II introduced four new characters, including Cammy, Fei Long Dee Jay, and T. Hawk, thereby expanding the series further with more diverse acts.

Mortal Kombat II
While a good number of parents have expressed concerns over the game’s effects on kids in the 90s, Mortal Kombat II was widely loved by teenagers. The title took the fighting game formula to the next level, infusing it with gore-drenched action of grindhouse movies. That created one of the most popular games in the 90s, thanks to its trademark finishing moves (fatalities).

Fatal Fury
During the 90s, SNK was the most prolific action game developer, who started everything with Fatal Fury. This game was among the many franchises unveiled in an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of action games like Street Fighter II. It wasn’t the most cutting-edge game on the market, but players had the chance to choose to play as Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, or Joe Higashi.

Contra: Hard Corps
Another title rocking the side-scrolling shoot’em gameplay, Contra continued building their legendary series with the release of Hard Corps. This awesome cooperative 2D action game came with amazing graphics, and the difficulty curve was quite steep. However, while the difficulty level may be off-putting to some people, the game becomes interesting when you remain focused.

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