How to Increase Your Chances to Get a Rare Skin for Free?

Most of the players of DOTA 2 and CS:GO are obsessed with the idea to get their character equipped with the rare skins. However, not much succeed with that as usually getting a rare skin is tough as you have to be very lucky to open the right case or you need to invest much.

Most of the players prefer to rely on luck and wait until they get a rare skin during the game. Is that a right approach? Maybe. However, most of the cases opened contain skins that have no values for players or even the skins that they already have. Well, that is not really bad as you can always sell those skins on the skinmarket that offers fair prices. Are there any ways to increase your chances to get rare skins for free? Proceed below to find out.

Participate in Giveaways

There are many giveaways that take place now. Almost anyone can participate in those – all you need to do is to:

  • have a Steam account,
  • have a page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (depends on the platform the giveaway is taking place on),
  • share the post with giveaway terms,
  • wait until the date of the giveaway final.

Afterwards, the winners are defined by the random number generator service and the more giveaways you participate in the more are the chances you will win. And usually there are valuable prizes there, so it is worth to participate.

Watch Special Event Streams

Many of the Lets Players donate skins in case you watch their streams. And there are also special events taking place you can watch as well. Such a system allows the organizers to get more attention, so they are ready to give skins for watching them. However, skins you will get are usually not very valuable, though it is still worthy as usually free skins are combined with the interesting content – so figure up the benefit.

Bargain Wisely

If you want to try yourself in p2p trading that takes place on Steam forums constantly you can use the skins you already have to get better skins in exchange. The thing most of the players do not have completed sets for the hero. And once one player has a helmet, armor, and sword of Arcane class for Abbadone, he would like to get an animal of the same class, too. And he is ready to pay much for it, not with money maybe, but with the items that combined have more value than a single animal of Arcane class.

So you can use this principle to get more rare items.

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