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Ooga Booga is now back online on Dreamcast

Get those shrunken heads and clubs ready for action!

We got word last week that Ooga Booga and NFL 2K1 would be getting their online functionality restored thanks to the work of Shuouma, and true to his word, Ooga Booga is now back online.

Ooga Booga¬†is a wacky arena fighting game, where players choose from a range of Polynesian-styled “kahunas” and must fight against their foes with a range of weapons, like clubs and shrunken heads, spells and can even ride wild boars.

Of course, to play Ooga Booga, you’ll need to get your Dreamcast back online with a DreamPi kit, but once set up, playing online is every bit as smooth as it was in the early 2000s.

With this latest release, there are now 15 Dreamcast games that are playable online, including the likes of Phantasy Star Online, Starlancer, Quake III Arena and Toy Racer, to name a few.

[Via Dreamcast Live]

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