Why SEGA needs to get back into making consoles

Most true SEGA Nerds will have probably been slightly envious watching Nintendo’s recent success with the Switch handheld console. And with Nintendo’s recent pre-orders for the upcoming Super Nintendo Classic, it’s surely time for SEGA to fight back against their rivals by releasing classic editions of their Master System, Mega Drive and even Dreamcast consoles!

Many of us will have noticed how AtGames attempted to bring about a mini SEGA revival through their interesting hardware packages. These allowed us to play classics like Sonic the Hedgehog, Shining Force, and Phantasy Star. And whilst there have been some negative reviews of AtGames’ attempts, it should hopefully kickstart SEGA into doing some official re-releases of these classic consoles.

This is all the more relevant as several much-loved SEGA characters are showing no signs of losing their popularity in 2017.

We recently revealed how Sonic the Hedgehog will be making an appearance on the new Microsoft Xbox One X console. And with the famous blue hedgehog even appearing opposite Mario in the Olympic Games release for the Nintendo Wii last year, it’s surely only a matter of time before SEGA get serious about console gaming again.

It would be fascinating to see how SEGA could appease all of those nostalgic gamers out there with a Mega Drive that offered all of the retro gaming fun, but with the power of modern technology.

Obviously we’d want to be able to play iconic SEGA games like Golden Axe and Wonder Boy on a newly released Mega Drive. But it would also be handy if a new SEGA console had some browser options too. This would mean that we could do anything from checking the news from the SEGA Nerds website, to playing online games like the Foxin Wins slot title without having to switch devices.

Whilst this might sound like heresy to many SEGA devotees, it’s clear that the brand need to catch up with Nintendo if they hope to stay relevant in today’s incredibly competitive gaming realm.

Recent attempts to infiltrate the mobile gaming scene with the SEGA Forever package didn’t exactly manage to set the world on fire. And it’s been incredibly frustrating to see how classic titles like Altered Beast haven’t managed to convert a new generation of gamers like the Nintendo Switch’s Legend of Zelda game has.

There’s certainly no real reason SEGA can’t compete more effectively with Nintendo in the realm of nostalgia gaming. Whilst the disaster with the Dreamcast meant that the brand had to focus on software development, SEGA have managed to remain an independent and distinct entity in today’s often homogenized video gaming scene.

Whilst there would be those who would want SEGA to try and take on Microsoft and Sony in developing powerful consoles, such a step would be foolish as it seems that these next-gen gaming devices are at odds with the trend towards mobile and handheld gaming.

And with SEGA’s hardcore fanbase of gamers starting to enter middle-age, now is the perfect time to help them revisit past gaming delights with rereleased editions of classic consoles like the Master System, the Mega Drive and the Dreamcast.

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