The Top Casino Games for Sega

Sega has a long history of making casino games. The first machines they made were similar to the slot machines, fruit machines, and ‘one-armed bandits’ that you would find in a casino today.

When the company progressed into making home consoles and arcade machines, they didn’t leave their slot machine roots behind and developed some great casino-style games for all of their game machines. Here is our list of the best examples of fun casino games that you can play on your Master System, Genesis, or Game Gear!

Casino Games – Sega Master System

Way back in the year 1989, this game was one of Sega’s first mainstream casino game offerings. Players who loaded the game on the sturdy Master System found themselves transported to ‘Club Sega’ where they could enjoy five of the most popular casino games.

This humble cartridge gave players a lot of value with poker, roulette, and baccarat games available as well as a selection of video slot machines and pinball games. Players began the game with $500 of casino credits at ‘Club Sega’, and could build their bank up as they played their favorite casino games.

Caesar’s Palace – Sega Genesis

Released at the peak of the Sega Genesis’ popularity (the machine is known as the Sega Mega Drive in Europe), this casino game used the added power of the 16-Bit system to add features and games that the Master System could not match.

This game tried to give players a more realistic casino experience where they actually walked around a casino to choose which game to play. They could also interact with people in the casino, including security guards, who would offer them tips on how to win games and enjoy the high-rolling casino lifestyle.

This game had plenty to offer too, with the standard casino games like poker and roulette backed up by slot machines, horse racing, and even ‘scratch and win’ cards that could be purchased from the virtual casino’s ATM machine. The object of the game was to win lots of money, and when a player hit the high scores, they could leave the casino in a limousine.

Poker Face Paul

This excellent series of casino games was developed exclusively for Sega’s handheld machine the Sega Game Gear. There were four individual games in total, each sold on their own cartridge, though sometimes offered as a collection or pack containing all four games.

They were all card games; Poker Face Paul’s Poker, Blackjack, Gin, and Poker Face Paul’s Solitaire. These games were perfect for the handheld market, and gave Sega Game Gear owners card games that they could play anywhere and at any time. If you are looking for a more modern version of these titles, have a look at Gamble Online USA for reviews of some online casinos that have many of the same card games available to play today on your mobile device.

These great games can give you all the fun and excitement of a casino in the comfort of your own home. Even today these games are still worth playing if you want to enjoy a card game or roulette without having to go to a real-life casino.

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