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Unboxing the new TecToy Mega Drive

Sega Nerds has been following TecToy since the first rumors appeared on the internet in October 2016 about a new Mega Drive. What was before just rumors later became a reallity when TecToy announced they would release a new Mega Drive to celebrate their 30 years of partnership with SEGA.

The staff from Sega Nerds in Brazil just received the new Mega Drive and made a video unboxing the new Mega Drive!

We hope to have a video comparing TecToy’s attempt compared to the original SEGA model, very soon. The console costs approximately $124 (R$ 399), and it can be bought on the official TecToy website.


Luiz Nai

I'm huge fan of Sega, I have been playing Sega games for over 20 years and games like Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Panzer Dragoon Saga and also all the Arcades race games are my favorites. Besides of playing Sega games I have a post degree in Game development and I enjoy playing guitar in my free time.

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