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Isotope shows off SLaVE running on Dreamcast

We reported back in January that Dreamcast’s Slave was still on it’s way exclusively for Dreamcast. Originally announced in September 2014 for an April 2015 release date. Slave has been stuck in bug fixing hell. The game was designed by Jay Townsend using Isotope’s 3DGE engine. The game was completed back in December 2014, however due to KOS updates (Dreamcast development library) ushering new game crashing bugs in 3DGE. Think of it as your iPhone app that worked perfectly until you upgraded to the latest iOS. Hence, the game was given the “when it’s done” release date.

More info from the YouTube video Desciption:

A video captured from a webcam of SLaVE running on the Sega Dreamcast. It was recorded from a webcam on the local PC, using DCLoad-IP to transfer the 3DGE program to the Dreamcast with CDFS redirection of the SLaVE ISO. This allows us to view 3DGE’s output in realtime, which has aided with debugging for a long time now. Plus, less wear and tear on the laser during our intense Crunch mode 😉

Showcasing the first 5 grids of SLaVE on real hardware. Not only that, but the sheer amount of customization our 3DGE engine brings to the Sega Dreamcast console. Fully customizable controls (keyboard/mouse, DC Pad, Twinstick, force-feedback — all fully supported), customizable video options (television/monitor aspect ratio size, dynamic lights), resolution tweaking (320×200 or 640×480 with VGA, 320×200 with plain AV/television), gameplay modifiers/options, Sprite smoothing (or go oldschool with pure raw unfiltered pixel graphics, which actually increases framerate slightly) — the works! Play how you want to play. =)

Note from the lead programmer, Corbin (Coraline):

Apologies for the poor quality of the video. Once my capture card comes in then I’ll record better footage, but honestly it might not be worth it — the release date is so close now it might be better to let the world see for themselves at this point 😉

SLaVE is a masterpiece of both design and technology, and it works perfectly on the Dreamcast. If only I had a mouse and keyboard, I would have totally PWNED it, since I’m so lame I never really figured out how to play properly with a controller. Oh well, I didn’t do too bad! 😉

Only a few more issues to be worked out as witnessed in this footage capture (Skybox generation, minor speed issues with dynamic lights), but I sincerely hope this proves beyond a matter of a doubt — SLaVE is so close now — those pre-orders will be worth it my friends!!

If you have not, head to http://www.goatstore.com to secure your copy of SLaVE today! Available only for a limited time while supplies last!

SLaVE is © Jay X Townsend. Developed by Jay X Townsend in collaboration with Isotope SoftWorks.

The Isotope Logo, name, and 3DGE are all © Isotope Softworks. 3DGE is by and © Isotope SoftWorks and Contributors, licensed under the GPLv2. The GOAT Store Logo and name are © Goat Store Publishing, LLC. Sega and the Dreamcast logo are registered trademarks of Sega Corporation.


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