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Isotope SoftWorks announces Dreamcast shooter: ‘SLaVE’

Image courtesy of www.dreamcast-scene.com

With the anniversary of the Dreamcast upon us, it is only right that we get some nice surprises coming out of the thriving DC development community. For a dead platform, there is a lot on the horizon for Sega’s long enduring last console.

Pier Solar and the Great Architects, Elysian Shadows, Hypertension…name a genre, there is something in that genre coming out for Dreamcast. With developers becoming more and more comfortable with the hardware and with cutting edge, independently developed engines like Isotope SoftWorks own 3DGE, we can only expect Dreamcast development to continue to sophisticate.

Slave Alpha 3 300x225 Isotope SoftWorks announces Dreamcast shooter SLaVE
Image courtesy of www.dreamcast-scene.com

Speaking of 3DGE, today, Isotope Softworks announced SLaVE, a special love letter to arcade fans and shooter fans a like. Sporting a fancy neon veneer and slick, maze based shooter gameplay, it is certainly evoking nights spent playing Berzerk and Robotron in my own mind. The engine running SLaVE is apparently based on the Doom engine, which has been specifically ported to the Dreamcast with enhancements that are supposed to make it capable of things that were not possible before.

Do we have a hit on our hands here? The ingredients are there. Time will tell whether the gameplay matches the sharp aesthetic, however. Whatever the case, it’s just great to see quality software in development for the system.

If you want to lay down some money for a pre-order, then head over to the GOAT Store to pre-order the Limited Edition or the Limited Limited Edition for $20.84 and $30.84 respectively.

For the full press release, check out the link below.

Source: Dreamcast Scene

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