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TecToy opens Mega Drive pre-orders, offers personalized systems

SEGA fans have been eagerly anticipating TecToy’s new Mega Drive, which is scheduled to begin shipping this summer. The Brazilian hardware manufacturer announced that pre-orders are now open, and it will also offer customers another way to show off their new system – by personalizing it with their name on it.

TecToy will allow names or phrases up to 15 characters in length beginning today through Jan. 15, 2017, but they also made sure to note that they reserve the right to refuse offensive words.

Pre-orders are currently on a 5-percent discount, which brings the TecToy Mega Drive to R$379.05, which is about $115, and shipping is expect to begin in June 2017. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like TecToy is shipping the system outside of Brazil, so the only way to get your hands on one is to make friends with a Brazilian or hope they eventually find their way to eBay.

TecToy recently made big news with the announcement that they plan to produce new Mega Drive cartridges and are considering manufacturing other SEGA products, like a new Master System.

You can find the TecToy Mega Drive pre-order page here.


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