SEGA Nerds News Roundup 5/12/17

SEGA Nerds News Roundup 5/12/17
There has been a ton of news this week; Here’s all of the latest news stories for you to catch up on: 
pictureNew Endless Space 2 trailer shows how to ‘eXpand’ across the universe
SEGA and Amplitude Studios have just released a new trailer for their turn-based, sci-fi grand strategy game, Endless Space 2. Now, this trailer is the second in a series looking at the 4X aspects of the game. If you don’t know what that means, Endless Space 2 is described as ‘4X’ – a game where players need …
pictureSEGA unleashes the Lizardmen in its latest Total War: Warhammer II trailer
SEGA has released a new trailer for Total War: Warhammer II, unveiling a new race, the Lizardmen, in what is said to be the game’s first in-engine trailer. In case you’re wondering what that means well, according to their official wiki, it means the trailer has been created using the in-game engine to specifically create …
pictureSonic Mania: Flying Battery Zone gameplay revealed
SEGA has released a new screenshots and a gameplay video for Sonic Mania, showcasing footage of Knuckles making his way through Flying Battery Zone Act 1 in the game. For those who don’t know Flying Battery Zone was a level originally featured as the second level in Sonic & Knuckles and the eight level in Sonic …
pictureMeet the SEGA Omega Drive: A Genesis 2 motherboard built into an Afterburner arcade
You’ve played a regular SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive, but how about a SEGA Omega Drive? Marcel J. de Haan and his dev team have created an amazing system that uses the motherboard of a Genesis 2 and it is built into a 1987 SEGA Afterburner machine. A 19″ LCD screen is fit right into the center of …
pictureThe best old-school web-based games
Whilst 2017 has seen plenty of next-gen console disappointments like Mass Effect: Andromeda, most of us will know how it’s those retro games that offer failsafe gaming entertainment. And in particular, it’s old web-based games that feature clunky pixelated graphics and pretty basic gameplay that never fails to amuse. So here’s a look back over …
pictureVanquish PC port officially announced
A few weeks ago we reported how SEGA left a little teaser package in a Bayonetta Steam update, hinting that a Vanquish port could be on the cards and we are so glad to say that, today, SEGA announced that Vanquish will indeed be the latest in a line of PC ports! Whoop! The game is set to …
pictureTutorial: How to make a Dreamcast game using the Titan IDE
Have you ever dreamed of developing your own Dreamcast game? Chances are, especially if you’re reading this, the answer is probably “yes.” Just like you, I’ve always had this dream, but the big question and hurdle was always “Where do I start?” There are many questions and unfortunately the answers are hidden over the internet in obscure …
pictureWonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap to get physical release on PlayStation 4
Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, and I’ve personally been playing the Switch version like crazy to review in the next issue of Mega Visions Magazine. I think I speak for many like-minded gamers out there who have been practically begging DotEmu for a physical release. Today, it appears those wishes have been answered as Limited …
pictureThe King of Fighters XIV is coming to PC through Steam
Last year, SNK and ATLUS released The King of Fighters XIV on PlayStation 4, and today, PC fans are about to get in on the action. During a press conference in China, SNK announced that The King of Fighters XIV would be coming out on PC through Steam. KOF XIV on PC will go into …
pictureTecToy celebrates partnership with SEGA, announces new Genesis game
Last week, TecToy hosted an event to celebrate its 30-year partnership with SEGA, and Tsurumi Naoya, Executive Vice President of Sega Sammy Holdings, was their special guest. During the celebration, TecToy officials announced that the company’s new Mega Drive will begin shipments to buyers this week, and the first one was given to Tsurumi. Tsurumi spoke how the partnership with …







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