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A very curious fact between a game made by Rare and the Master System

Rare is very known because of its partnership with Nintendo in the 90’s. Games like Donkey Kong Country, GoldenEye 007, Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark are very acclaimed by the fans. In 2002, Microsoft acquired Rare who retains their brand and franchises. However, before all the history we know there is something very curious between a Rare game and the Master System.

The game Battletoads in Battlemaniacs was developed for SNES and Master System. The Master System version was ported by Syrox Developments and was going to be published in Europe by Virgin Interactive in July 1994. However, when Virgin Interactive was about to release the game for Master System it was cancelled. Knowing that, TecToy found a way to get the rights and released it in Brazil in 1994.

TecToy decided to release it because the game was extremely successful for SNES in the country. However due to the bugs found in the game, TecToy took it out from the market and only few copies were released making it one of the rarest games for Master System.

Even with some problems the game runs well on Master System. The design of the stages are the same as the 16-bit version and the movements also look very similar to the SNES version. The worst part is the collision between the player and the enemies that give a lot of headaches for the players. Additionally, there are some songs missing that were included in the other version.

Even though it has a lot of bugs, it is still worth it if you are a Master System collector or you just want to spend some time testing a different game on your Master System emulator.

Luiz Nai

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